39 Weeks Pregnant

At 39 weeks' gestation from conception kid passed 37 full weeks, the lunar calendar is the last tenth month of pregnancy.  The length of the baby at 39 weeks of pregnancy - 52 cm

Changes in the fetus

There comes a time when the fetus is 39 weeks pregnant ready to ensure that at any time to be born. It occupies a permanent position in the womb, and will not be able to modify it before sending. That part of the body that predlezhit (located next to the exit - or a head or pelvic end) already lowered into the pelvis. In that case, if the child in the abdomen at 39 weeks of pregnancy takes lateral position (this is very rare, but it happens), natural childbirth impossible without Caesarean section is necessary.

The bones of the skull of the fetus at this time are soft, pliable, located between the joints and springs from a more pliable connective tissue. Thanks to the seams and springs during the passage of the head through the birth canal, and it is configured somewhat reduced in size. Immediately after birth, the head because this may look a little stretched or modified form, but after a few days took the bones of its normal position.

The length of the child has grown to 51 - 52 cm, weighs from 3200 to 3600, the overall weight and its growth performance depend on the conditions in which he grew up in utero, and the characteristics of its parent body.

The appearance of the fetus at 39 weeks of pregnancy corresponds to full-term newborns. The kid is in the uterus in a fetal position, which will be characteristic for him for some time after birth. Fetal movements in the abdomen at 39 weeks of pregnancy regular and more focused - the baby can play with their toes or umbilical cord, to feel the face and body of the uterus. It is important to control the activity of his wiggling baby, 12 hours, there should be at least 10.

39 weeks of pregnancy - the period for which the testes in boys should be lowered into the scrotum. If it does not, then we can speak of a unilateral or bilateral cryptorchidism.

Changes in women at 39 weeks of pregnancy

At 39 weeks' gestation may appear harbingers of birth:

  • Discharge of mucus plug;
  • Repetitive abdomen;
  • Lower abdomen.

If the stomach is not down before, it can happen at 39 weeks of pregnancy. Now the height of the uterus above the pubis is about 34 - 35 cm. The woman notes in this regard the improvement of health and the relief of breathing, as the uterus is no longer with the same force to put pressure on the diaphragm.

 The weight of the baby at 39 weeks of pregnancy - 3, 2-3, 6 kg
 Isolation at 39 weeks of pregnancy from the genital tract is quite a large amount of mucus, consistency and appearance reminiscent of egg protein - the certificate of origin of the mucous plug. Sometimes it mixed with streaks of blood, it is a sign that the cervix is ​​beginning to unfold. Discharge of amniotic fluid appears allocation at 39 weeks of pregnancy vaginal discharge a large amount of liquid is colorless and odorless. If the fetus is experiencing a shortage of oxygen in utero infection, or joined, the water can be painted in green color and have an unpleasant odor.

In connection with the lowering of the fetal presenting part of pregnancy may begin to disturb the constipation and frequent urination. At this stage it is important not to miss the beginning of an infection of the urinary tract. Normally, on a background of frequent urination pain at 39 weeks of pregnancy at the same time should not be.

Despite the fact that the pregnancy comes to an end at 39 weeks of pregnancy there is a risk of late gestosis. Its main features are:

  • Worse;
  • headache;
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Edema;
  • Too much weight gain.

When the birth was very close, a pregnant woman can happen bouts of diarrhea. A woman's body thus preparing for childbirth, so it is not necessary to be frightened of. Home births can occur in one of two scenarios - either start fights or depart first amniotic fluid.

With training bout pregnant 39 weeks to term often already familiar to the onset of labor is characterized by shortening the time between the occurrence and frequency.