30 Weeks Pregnant

At 30 weeks' gestation, the fetus turns 28 weeks since its inception when the sperm fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube. This is the middle of the eighth month of the lunar calendar pregnancy. Since that time, a woman has the right by law to maternity leave.  The weight of the baby at 30 weeks' gestation - about 1, 5 kg

Changes in the fetus

On US 30 weeks of pregnancy can be established that the unborn child has a length of up to 40 cm and its weight reaches 1350-1500 was an intensive development of the skeletal and muscular systems, subcutaneous fat is already deposited a small amount of fat tissue.

Lung tissue of the fetus at 30 weeks of pregnancy continues to improve - it creates new alveoli and accumulate surfactant.

Rapidly at 30 weeks of pregnancy is the development of the nervous system, on the surface of the brain, many new fissures and convolutions. Nerve fibers are coated with a protective myelin sheath, nerve impulses thus may be conducted at a higher speed.

The skin looks more wrinkled, and lanugo (vellus hair) begins to fade from the surface.

In the liver of the fetus at 30 weeks' gestation have a lot of reserves of iron, necessary for the formation of red blood cells.

In the case of first births future baby takes its permanent position in the uterus - often upside down. In multiparous women the tone of the uterus and muscles of the anterior abdominal wall is slightly lower, and the fruit can still change their position in it. Former freedom of movement in the uterus at the 30th week of pregnancy has not, the next child is in the fetal position as it occupies minimum volume in the uterine cavity.

Changes in women 30 weeks' gestation

The height of the abdomen at 30 weeks' gestation, above the pubic area is about 30 cm, the bottom of the uterus is determined at 10 cm above the navel. Waist smoothed and posture and gait changed due to the displacement of the center of gravity so that even got the name of "proud posture of pregnant women."

At 30 weeks of pregnancy becomes quite difficult to carry a variety of loads, not to mention the long-term forced position, the appropriateness of maternity leave from that date, no one raises questions. The total weight gain for 30 weeks is somewhere around 10 - 11 kg.

At this time, a woman may disturb many pretty unpleasant symptoms. The growing belly at 30 weeks of pregnancy stretches the skin, causing itching, and sometimes the formation of stretch marks. To prevent them, some experts recommend to use special creams.

Pain in the 30th week of pregnancy in the abdomen - a frequent phenomenon. Periodically, the queen comes to tone, training for childbirth or after excessive exercise, and it can be painful. This condition is not dangerous. But if the pain at 30 weeks' gestation, accompanied by a feeling as if the bottom of the stomach becomes a stone, then, without a medical examination should not be, because it may threaten abortion.

Inside the uterus compresses adjacent organs and blood vessels, which can lead to constipation, heartburn, frequent urination at 30 weeks' gestation.

At the term of pregnancy constantly feels the movement of their unborn child, it should monitor their frequency. Regular fetal movements favor the fact that he's all right.  The fetus at 30 weeks of pregnancy up to 40 cm in length

Dedicated to the 30th week of pregnancy from the genital tract are an indicator of successful its course. Normally, they are off-white shade, with a slightly sour flavor and homogeneous. The appearance on the 30th week of pregnancy produces yellow, greenish or gray, most likely a sign of an infection connection, which means it can endanger the fetus and the further course of the pregnancy.

If vaginal spotting appeared in the 30th week of pregnancy, you should immediately call an ambulance. This could be the beginning of preterm birth at 30 weeks gestation.

A survey of 30 weeks of pregnancy

The third ultrasound at 30 weeks of pregnancy is appointed in a planned manner. This is another control of the health and size of the fetus. Using ultrasound can be found floor baby if the previous time it showed its external genitalia.

Over a period of 30 weeks of pregnancy is required to repeat the blood test for HIV and syphilis, smear from the vagina microflora. Also, before the next visit to the gynecologist is recommended to hand over urine on the overall analysis. It will eliminate the signs of preeclampsia (a protein cylinders, sugar) or infection. Other signs of preeclampsia are usually swelling, excessive weight gain, high blood pressure and sometimes blurred vision.

At the doctor's woman should tell her about the disturbing problems in time to take measures to eliminate undesirable consequences for her and her baby.