24 Weeks Pregnant

At 24 weeks' gestation, the fetus turns 22 the week, ending the sixth lunar month, and with it the second trimester of pregnancy.  The length of the fetus at 24 weeks of pregnancy - 30 cm

Changes to the fetus

The size of the fetus at 24 weeks of pregnancy up to 30 cm in length and a weight of about 650 g He was already getting crowded in the uterus, but this does not prevent the future child to constantly change their position in the mother's abdomen at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

By that time, the transverse muscles have laid a constant amount of muscle fibers, that is, increase in muscle tissue is now done only by increasing the length and thickness of the muscle fiber.

The number of nerve cells in the brain of the fetus at 24 weeks of pregnancy, too, the final, and now the brain would increase in size is not as rapidly as during the last month. On the surface of the brain appearing sulcus and gyrus.

Fetus are formed almost all senses of ultrasound at 24 weeks of pregnancy it is clear that he is able to clearly react to the light directed at the bare belly woman.

At 24 weeks of gestation between the mother and her unborn child are established emotional ties. The feelings experienced by a woman, causing an adequate response in the behavior of the fetus. For example, anxiety or fear frighten the baby in the womb, he begins to move restlessly and turns. And play an important role in this case, the stress hormones that come from the mother to the fetus. The emotional response of the child longer and stronger than the one that caused the stimulus in the mother. This is partly due to the peculiarities of the central nervous system of the fetus at this stage.

Changes in women at 24 weeks of pregnancy

Continue to increase the size of the uterus, its bottom is defined by 23 - 24 cm above the symphysis pubis and 3 - 4 cm above the navel. All the sensations that occur in pregnant women are associated with the growth of her fetus, and accordingly, the abdomen.

The canal of the cervix is ​​a thick mucus plug, which will remain there until the onset of labor. The mucous plug is protective.

Discomfort and weaknesses of pain at 24 weeks of pregnancy may be associated with the so-called training (false) contractions, as the uterus begins in this period of preparation for childbirth, periodically cutting and relaxing. Severe pain at 24 weeks of pregnancy for false contractions are not typical.

 On ultrasound at 24 weeks of pregnancy it can be seen clearly that the baby responds to light
 If regular training bout, and are accompanied by severe pain and profuse watery discharge at 24 weeks of pregnancy, it may be the beginning of preterm birth. Pain can then be viewed as a struggle and isolation - as the discharge of amniotic fluid. In this case it is necessary to urgently seek medical advice.

Normally, release at 24 weeks of pregnancy moderate, clear or whitish, slimy consistency and odorless.

Stretching the skin on the abdomen at 24 weeks of pregnancy often causes itching, and sometimes the formation of whitish-pink stretch marks.

Examination at 24 weeks of pregnancy

Routine ultrasound at 24 weeks of pregnancy is not indicated, as the woman had to pass it for another 20 - 22 week. Usually ultrasound at 24 weeks of pregnancy it is necessary for late registration with, or to control the growth of the fetus, if at an earlier period of his delay was noted.

The woman, it is important to continue to regularly monitor your weight, it often indicates an excess is not good for the weight gain of the fetus, and to fluid retention and edema.

Late preeclampsia, the beginning of which is sometimes necessary for 24 weeks of pregnancy, is characterized by swelling, high blood pressure and the appearance of protein in the urine.