23 Weeks Pregnant

At 23 weeks of pregnancy marks the 21 weeks since fertilization has occurred, it is the sixth lunar month of pregnancy.  The size of the fetus at 23 weeks' gestation - 29 cm

Changes in the body of the future baby

The size of the fetus at 23 weeks of pregnancy continues to increase, and body proportions are close to the newborn. The size of the fetus 23 weeks of gestation length of about 29 cm and weighs about 520 - 550 g, his head circumference of 56 cm.

Rapidly development of the respiratory system is the future of the child, in the lungs becomes more and more alveoli, and their special cells - macrophages type 2 - start production of surfactant. Surfactant - a lipid complex, which modify the surface tension of the alveoli and prevent their spadenie. Thanks to him, the lungs are constantly in the expanded state, ie, the alveoli do not stick together and can perform respiratory function. At 23 weeks pregnant the amount of surfactant is still very small, but by the end of pregnancy it accumulates enough.

The amount of amniotic fluid on ultrasound from 23 weeks of pregnancy is no longer increasing, and now the growing fetus will experience some shortage of space. Because of this, wiggling his stomach 23 weeks pregnant feeling better, and sometimes even cause the mother discomfort.

Fetal position with bent arms and legs joints allow future baby to take optimal volume in the uterine cavity. Despite the limited scope of the uterus, the fetus in the abdomen at 23 weeks of pregnancy are still actively changes its position, and its head is at the bottom, then the top.

Fairly well prepared for the digestive system of the fetus at 23 weeks' gestation have already been formed and developed the esophagus, stomach, liver, all sections of the intestine, pancreas. They can secrete digestive juices and enzymes in the intestine contained meconium - original cal.

It continues to accumulate between the shoulder blades and around the internal organs brown fat - it will provide energy for the baby first, until digestion reconstructed on laktotrofny type.

At 23 weeks pregnant, not only spleen forms blood cells, but also monitors the quality indicators. Blood cells that do not comply, the spleen breaks.

Some researchers claim that 23 weeks of pregnancy the fetus can dream. This is confirmed by the fixation of bioelectric signals from his brain.  The weight of the baby at 23 weeks' gestation - about 550 grams

Changes in women 23 weeks' gestation

At 23 weeks of pregnancy except those already familiar perturbations and shocks fetus a woman can fix hiccupping unborn child. These sensations like flinching a little rhythmic intensity. Icahn, in this case manifested training of future respiratory movements of the fetus.

Dedicated to the 23 week of pregnancy from the genital tract of women as a clear odorless mucus - variant of the norm. They are usually worse during pregnancy, and should not cause concern. Spotting at 23 weeks of pregnancy - always a sign of its troubled course. It is the beginning or miscarriage, or placental abruption - in any case requires emergency medical care. The threat of interruption can indicate pain and regular 23 weeks of pregnancy in the abdomen, and the sensation of fossilized stomach.

Belly 23 weeks of pregnancy continues to grow in size, the bottom of the uterus is determined by 23 cm above the symphysis pubis.

A survey of 23 weeks of pregnancy

In a planned inspection gynecologist can prescribe a blood test for glucose. Pregnancy may be a starting factor in the development of gestational diabetes. Excess glucose level negatively affects not only the woman's body, and it harms the fetus.

Relevant for this gestational age are blood and urine tests. The doctor directs ultrasound examination of the pregnant women who have not passed it in 20 - 22 weeks. Ultrasound 23 weeks of pregnancy, and lets you know the sex of the baby.