35 Weeks Pregnant

In the 35th week of pregnancy the fetus turns full 32 weeks from the moment of fertilization, is the ninth lunar month of pregnancy.  The weight of the fetus at 35 weeks' gestation - 2, 2-2, 4 kg

Changes in the fetus

The size of the fetus by ultrasound at 35 weeks of gestation increased even more, now its length is about 45 - 46 cm, weight 2200 - 2400 daily increase in weight of its normal is about '30 continues the maturation of all organs and systems of the future baby, although the external His appearance is already very close to full-term newborns.

In the subcutaneous tissue of the fetus at 35 weeks' gestation delayed adipose tissue, the line of his body rounded, chubby cheeks appear. Strengthened muscular frame that can be felt by a strong impetus to the future baby belly at 35 weeks of pregnancy. It continues to strengthen the skeleton, bone deposited calcium salts, which are actively fruit takes from the mother's body.

Fingernails on the 35th week of pregnancy to the end of the phalanges have grown, they are very soft and thin. The skin folds are still covered with greasy lubricant on the shoulders and hips are still traces of lanugo. The skin of the fetus is much richer in water than the skin of an adult, which is why at birth it looks so soft and supple. On the feet, there was a transverse striations of the skin, it extends to the front 2/3 of the foot. Umbilical ring located on this gestation somewhat below its normal position, the cord coming out of it, is a cord blood vessels and their special form of connective tissue.

In the intestine of the infant for all future pregnancy has accumulated a certain amount of meconium. This original stool, which was formed in the fetus during passage through the digestive tract of amniotic fluid. Normally, meconium must depart within a few hours after birth. In the case of a lack of oxygen or suffering of the fetus at 35 weeks of pregnancy, muscle sphincters relax the rectum and may extend further meconium in utero. It stains the amniotic fluid in a greenish color, the inclusion of meconium can be seen on ultrasound in the 35th week of pregnancy.

At 35 weeks of pregnancy heightened pace adrenal glands begin to mature. These endocrine glands are located above the upper pole of the kidney, in their composition and distinguish cerebral cortex that emit different groups of hormones. At this stage, it is improving the ability to secrete hormones that adapt to the future baby's stress, which is approaching childbirth.

Changes in women at 35 weeks of pregnancy

The uterus in the abdomen on the 35th week of pregnancy takes up most of the abdomen and pelvis, it is determined by the bottom 35 cm above the symphysis pubis and 15 cm above the navel. The woman on this term is already quite difficult to walk and carry heavy loads, increasing the body needs rest. Under the influence of hormones emotional state may become unstable again, there is anxiety for future generations.  Big belly at 35 weeks of pregnancy can cause low back pain

Big belly and softened under the influence of hormones of pregnancy the joints can cause pain at 35 weeks of pregnancy in the back, since it lays down the increased load.

Transparent abundant selection at 35 weeks of pregnancy from the genital tract could be amniotic fluid. During this period the birth a woman can start in one of the scenarios - either with contractions or with the discharge of water. Blood in the secretions in the 35th week of pregnancy is always dangerous as a manifestation of placental abruption, and thus a violation of life of the fetus. Such bleeding can be dangerous and life of the woman, to delay seeking medical help is not necessary.

A survey of 35 weeks of pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy requires weekly visits to the doctor and the control of body weight, as well as urinalysis. Ultrasound at 35 weeks of pregnancy is not routinely carried out. It's time for a third blood test for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis parenteral.

The doctor takes a woman's vaginal smear once for sowing on the microflora.