36 Weeks Pregnant

At 36 weeks of gestation performed 34 full weeks after conception, completed the ninth lunar month of pregnancy (all full-term pregnancy lasts 10 lunar months or 9 calendar).  Fetus at 36 weeks of pregnancy are very closely in the uterus

Changes in the fetus

At this period in length from head to toe baby reaches 45 - 46 cm, weighs from 2400 to 2600 These parameters are normal may deviate slightly higher or lower. Now apparently the fruit of a newborn baby differs only weight and by growth data. About growth retardation judged by ultrasound at 36 weeks of gestation. The size of the stomach by 36 weeks of pregnancy to draw conclusions about this is not quite true. If the 36 week pregnancy still happen birth, the child will be considered premature.

All the organs of the child formed, and now improved brain centers regulating them. In particular, cardiovascular and respiratory centers in the medulla oblongata are ready to support the work of the body of the fetus at 36 weeks' gestation at birth. Light unborn baby also ready for this moment - they formed a sufficient amount of alveolar surfactant and - a special substance that supports them in the expanded state.

The fruit of a 36 week pregnancy is in the uterus in the flexion position, which is also called embryonic. In this position, his arms and legs bent and held tightly to the calf, which allows the fetus is 36 weeks' gestation in the womb to take the smallest possible volume, and thus continue to grow.

If you do an ultrasound at 36 weeks of pregnancy, we can see that the boys have testicles descended into the scrotum.

Changes in women 36 weeks' gestation

Belly 36 weeks of pregnancy continues to grow, its upper limit is determined by 26 cm above the womb, or 16 cm above the navel. The circumference of the abdomen at 36 weeks of pregnancy is about 96 - 98 cm. For these two parameters - the height of standing uterus (in cm) and abdominal circumference (cm) - you can find the weight of the alleged future of the newborn, this should only multiply them. The figures (weight in grams) will deviate from the true weight of the child is no more than 100 - 200 g

In the uterus decreased 1, 5 times the amount of amniotic fluid, the fetus is now occupies its main extent. The placenta begins to age, although still copes with its functions to maintain life support baby.

Even with the well-being and the absence of preeclampsia at 36 weeks in the evening in a pregnant swollen feet. The reason for the phenomenon lies in the fact that most of the uterus in the abdominal cavity pinched blood vessels, obstructing blood flow to the legs to the heart. According to the laws of gravity liquid begins to dwell primarily on the feet. First time swelling in the legs do not even notice the woman of a print from the gum sock on the skin and in the feeling that the shoes become tight. From these pathological swelling are characterized in that they occur only in the evening and the next morning they are not a trace remains.  The length of the fetus at 36 weeks' gestation - 45 cm

Enlarged uterus can cause other problems with state of health of the pregnant. Thus, pain at 36 weeks' gestation in the anus of a woman can be the first symptom of aggravated hemorrhoids. In the later stages of the development of this unpleasant disease women can celebrate spotting 36 weeks of pregnancy from the rectum, mainly after defecation. After birth, symptoms of hemorrhoids eventually smoothed, and will not have so much trouble delivering.

The woman should be with the same attention the frequency perturbations of their child in the stomach 36 weeks pregnant, 12 hours in the amount they should be fixed at least 10. Rare perturbation - often a sign of a dysfunctional, the fruit at this time may suffer. Movement future baby sometimes cause pain by 36 weeks of pregnancy in the area under the ribs, where are the legs of the fetus when it is upside down position.

A survey of 36 weeks of pregnancy

If during the previous ultrasound revealed that the placenta attaches to the uterine wall too low, the US is 36 weeks pregnant should clarify its position over time. In the intervening period the uterus is increased in size, and the placenta could "catch up" after her.

A woman comes for a visit to the doctor at least 1 time per week, for 36 weeks of pregnancy through the abdominal wall is clearly tapped the fetal heart. If you want to update health of the fetus, the doctor prescribes conduct CTG.