15 Weeks Pregnant

At 15 weeks of gestation age of the fetus is 13 weeks after fertilization.  At 15 weeks' gestation, the fetus is formed skeleton

Changes to the fetus

The size of the fetus at 15 weeks' gestation length is about 10 cm, its weight is 70, will be changed appearance and proportions of the body - the length of the arms and legs is now identical, the ears become shaped appearance, the distance between the eyes of the fetus has decreased slightly.

At 15 weeks of gestation is actively formed the skeleton of a child, cartilage begins to be replaced by bone, its foundation is actively accumulate calcium and phosphorus.

Ultrasound at 15 weeks of pregnancy to determine the sex of the fetus, as his external genitalia are clearly distinguishable.

Skin unborn baby at 15 weeks of pregnancy is not as translucent, it acquires a reddish color because it shines through the blood vessels. Intensely functioning sebaceous glands of the skin, they form the vernix, which protects the skin immediately after birth of the baby.

Increase the volume of amniotic fluid in the abdomen, in the 15th week of pregnancy the number is close to 100 ml. Sterile amniotic fluid, their structure is updated 10 times per day. They maintain a constant internal environment of the fetus, it provides the optimum temperature of about 37 degrees.

At 15 weeks' gestation, the fetus begin to form unconditioned reflexes by which retained fetal position. In this position the fetus in the uterus takes a minimum volume, it is rolled up, his chin tilted to the chest, arms and legs bent and close to the body. Fetal position is suitable also because it allows to convey a pregnancy to term. She saved a newborn for some time after birth.

Changes in women 15 weeks' gestation

All changes that occur with the fruit anyway, affect the condition of the pregnant woman.

Belly 15 weeks of pregnancy are well visible, height of uterine fundus above the vagina is 13 - 15 cm.

Due to the intensive formation of the skeletal system of the fetus increases dramatically the need for calcium and phosphorus. He takes these substances from the mother's body, so calcium deficiency may first find yourself in the 15 week of pregnancy the deterioration of dental health and cramps in the calf muscles, especially at night.

During this period the hormones is more or less stabilized, but may make themselves known symptoms of breathlessness at night, rhinitis in pregnant women and even nosebleeds. The appearance of rhinitis due to the fact that the volume of blood circulating in vessels increases, and through the nasal mucosa and blood begins to pass over, which causes a jet of its swelling. These symptoms should not be afraid, for 15 weeks of pregnancy are considered as a variant of normal.

The woman no longer updated and losing his hair, because of this, their appearance can be improved even at 15 weeks' gestation. Such a phase of hair growth is also associated with hormonal changes, namely, the influence of progesterone. After birth, the old hair usually starts to fall and intensively updated.  Belly 15 weeks of pregnancy are well visible

On the skin (especially on the face, chest and abdomen) may appear dark spots. At the same time can become more pronounced freckles, nipples and areola.

Isolation at 15 weeks of pregnancy from the nipple small amount of colostrum is training for breastfeeding after birth and a sign that the mother's milk will be enough.

Normally, pain at 15 weeks of pregnancy should not be. Sometimes a woman may experience mild discomfort due to stretching of the uterine ligaments. This discomfort can be overcome by using prenatal bandage, which redistributes the severity of the growing tummy. It is also recommended to restrict physical activity.

A survey of 15 weeks of pregnancy

Ultrasound at 15 weeks of pregnancy is not routinely indicated. With this method of inspection it is now possible to easily determine the sex of the fetus.

15 weeks are considered to be the best time for amniocentesis - obtain amniotic fluid for testing. The analysis can provide information on the content of bilirubin and protein hormones, on group membership fetus. In a similar study of women in need with multiple previous miscarriages, genetic diseases, and sometimes with negative blood group Rh system. At 15 weeks gestation amniocentesis safe as the uterus is inert.