33 Weeks Pregnant

At 33 weeks pregnant future baby is already 31 weeks from the moment of conception begins the ninth lunar month of pregnancy.  The weight of the baby at 33 weeks of pregnancy - 1, 8-2, 2 kg

Changes in the fetus

If you do an ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to determine the size of the child. Its length is somewhere in the 41 - 42 cm, weighs from 1800 to 2200 for several weeks of weight gain of the child will be quite intense.

All the organs and systems of the fetus at 33 weeks' gestation have already been formed, they need only to mature functionally. But even at the time of urgent delivery maturation is not complete enough, and the entire first year of the child will be improved. Already, the possibility of the body of the fetus allows him to survive in case of premature birth at 33 weeks gestation, but this requires special conditions for nursing.

After 33 weeks of pregnancy increases the size and weight of the brain of the fetus, it set many new neural connections. The cerebral cortex is more mature, there are more gyrus and sulcus. After 33 weeks of pregnancy is intense myelination - the formation of a protective sheath of nerve fibers through which impulses are transmitted only to the place of destination, not spread around.

The fetus at 33 weeks of pregnancy may experience the smells and tastes. In his new lung alveoli are formed, but the amount of surfactant may still be insufficient for spontaneous breathing in preterm labor.

On ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy you may notice that the body of the fetus was proportional and more like a newborn. Despite its compact fetal position, he still was a bit crowded in the uterus, so his movements are felt in the abdomen at 33 weeks of pregnancy less, but are more powerful. Quite a lot of the time the fetus spends in a dream, but the lack of perturbations within 12 hours - a dangerous prognostic sign for future pregnancy.

With the skin gradually disappear vellus hairs - lanugo, and on his head are becoming longer and more noticeable.

After 33 weeks of pregnancy the unborn child already holds a permanent position. The optimal position is head down, but can also be found such species as pelvic, leg, and even cross-presentation. To the fruit took the right presentation, the doctor recommends a set of special physical exercises for women. Sleep is also desirable for this mostly on the left side.

Changes in women at 33 weeks of pregnancy

In the horizontal position of the uterus in the abdomen at 33 weeks of pregnancy compresses the inferior vena cava, hampering blood flow to the legs, and the influx of her heart. Because of this, the woman feels discomfort, dizziness and weakness in the prone position. The height of standing uterus in the abdomen at 33 weeks of pregnancy about 33 cm above the womb.

Weight gain at this stage of pregnancy is normal can be up to 400 g per week. If the weight increases more rapidly, the more likely it is due to hidden edema as a late manifestation of preeclampsia.  After 33 weeks of pregnancy the baby can already feel the smells and tastes

The uterus tightens and relaxes on a regular basis in preparation for the upcoming labor. Generally, such reductions irregular and do not cause pain at 33 weeks gestation. The regularity of cuts or unfavorable feeling stone belly and regarded as the first symptoms of preterm labor.

Heavy liquid separation at 33 weeks of pregnancy, most likely the amniotic fluid. Confirm or rule it can be using special test strips. Normally, release at 33 weeks of pregnancy bright or transparent, odorless or slightly acid.

A survey of 33 weeks of pregnancy

The doctor guides a woman an ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy if she did not do it before that date, in 30 - 32 weeks. If necessary, may conduct CTG, which can be used to assess how changes in the fetal response to the uterine muscle tension.