20 Weeks Pregnant

At 20 weeks of gestation age of the fetus for 18 weeks after conception, ending the fifth lunar month. There is a second trimester, and can say that the first half of the pregnancy is over.  The size of the fetus at 20 weeks' gestation - 26 cm

Changes to the fetus

The size of the fetus at 20 weeks' gestation length is about 26 cm, weighs 310-350 already Since this period to assess the future development of the baby on ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy control and other indicators - the diameter of the head, chest and abdomen.

The proportions of the future baby the same as a newborn baby, his body gradually rounded off, and already it does not look so skinny. Almost all of the internal organs are formed, the respiratory system is not yet operational, but the fruit makes the first attempt breaths.

Fruit is actively moving in the maternal belly 20 weeks pregnant now and pushes perturbations feel even nulliparous women. Women who birth not the first to note the quickening of her child for a few weeks. With this term physical activity baby in the womb is one of the criteria for its well-being. Based on the fact that the periods of wakefulness in the fetus are replaced by sleep, normal woman should feel the stirring of at least 1 time per 4 hours. Lack of motor activity for 12 hours or more should seriously alerted the expectant mother.

Moreover, motion in the womb worse after ingestion, in a state of oxygen deficiency (e.g., in a stuffy indoor). Future baby through motor activity tries to speed up blood flow and delivery of nutrients to her, as well as oxygen.

At 20 weeks of gestation increases in size in proportion to the degree of growth of the fetus and placenta, its average thickness of 20 mm. Place the attachment of the placenta to the uterine wall may be different, most likely - is closer to the bottom of the uterus, on the front or the back wall, in rare cases - close to the canal of the cervix. As soon as the uterus grows, the placenta can migrate, partially or completely blocking the access to the cervical canal. Such a low placenta previa may provoke bleeding at 20 weeks of pregnancy and be a threat to abortion.

When complete placenta previa to be released in the lumen of the cervical natural childbirth contraindicated, and in this case, a cesarean section.

The fetus at 20 weeks of pregnancy is active, it is much that can, distinguish between light and darkness, hears, it develops an emotional bond with her mother. The improvement of the central nervous system. The position of the fetus in the uterus may change several times a day, and it is too early to talk about the head or breech.

The epidermis of the skin of the fetus becomes a four, it covers the outside layer of white syrovidnoy grease - the product of the sebaceous glands. This lubricant protects the skin from exposure to the future baby's amniotic fluid. On the fingers and toes of the fetus begins to grow nails on the head is already quite a lot of hair, and they are longer than vellus hair on the body.

Changes in women 20 weeks' gestation

Belly 20 weeks of pregnancy continues to be rounded, height of uterine fundus above the pubic articulation is about 20 cm, that is, at the level of the navel. Talia is now virtually no skin on the mother's abdomen at 20 weeks of pregnancy is stretched, because of what it is possible itching, as well as the appearance of stretch marks - stretch marks. It can smooth and look less deep umbilical fossa.

Chance of pain at 20 weeks of pregnancy, localized in the lower back increases. The reason for this - the displacement of the center of gravity and increase the load on the spine.

Pain in the 20th week of pregnancy, occurring in the legs, can be associated with varicose veins. In severe cases may appear swelling in the legs, dark blue venous network nodes or even redness on their course (a sign of thrombophlebitis). In these cases it is advisable to see a doctor.  The weight of the fetus at 20 weeks' gestation - about 350 grams

The cause of bleeding at 20 weeks of pregnancy except for placenta previa can become erosive lesions of the cervix or placental abruption.

A survey of 20 weeks of pregnancy

Routine ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy is the minimum necessary studies for all women on this term. Just a normal pregnancy women are advised to wait at least three ultrasound at 10, 20 and 30 weeks.

By results of US estimate the size of the fetus at 20 weeks' gestation, and its compliance deadline. Ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy often allows to determine the sex of the unborn baby.

From this period should be the second time the therapist seem as possible worsening of chronic diseases such as gastritis, vascular dystonia or other. In the middle of pregnancy have to do dental health, if they so require. Moreover, all procedures should be safe for the fetus.