21 weeks of pregnancy

At 21 weeks of pregnancy the fetus has 19 weeks from the moment of conception, it is the sixth lunar month of its development. Start the second half of pregnancy.  The size of the fetus at 21 weeks' gestation - 27 cm

Changes to the fetus

The size of the fetus at 21 weeks' gestation, according to the rules is not measured from the coccyx to the crown, and on the heels to the crown. Its weight reaches 360 - 400 g, the size of the fetus at 21 weeks' gestation in a length of about 27 cm.

The baby continues to grow rapidly, consuming more nutrients. He regularly swallows amniotic water, carrying out training for the digestive tract. In the stomach, it has formed the digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

In terms of taste buds are formed, with a gestational age 21 weeks the fetus can distinguish between salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

Thermoregulation of the fetus is not yet established, and constant temperature of the body is achieved through the amniotic fluid that support optimum temperature for life. Yet, thanks to the development of the skin and the deposition of fat in the subcutaneous tissue of the fetus slightly improved thermoregulation.

At 21 weeks' gestation rapidly developing nervous system and brain of unborn babies. This becomes evident if we compare the intrauterine fetal movement dynamics. We can clearly see that they have become more precise and coordinated - not just the baby stretches and kicks, but feels his umbilical cord handles, the body and the person is able to compress the cam and lighten up. At 21 weeks of gestation is still too early to talk about the head or breech fetus - it constantly changes its position.

Actively develop bone and muscle of the unborn child, which is why the power of tremors inside is getting stronger, especially at night.

Excessive physical activity in breast belly 21 weeks of pregnancy could be evidence of chronic fetal hypoxia.

On US 21 weeks of pregnancy can estimate the degree of maturation and the thickness of the placenta, normally it is young, and its thickness is about 23 mm.

Changes in women 21 weeks' gestation

At 21 weeks pregnant woman has already adapted to his new position, and fully feel like a mother. She feels active movements of the kid for about 15 - 20 times a day. There are different ways of calculating perturbations, the most common - counting 12 hours of wakefulness, normal future baby makes at least 10 perturbations.

Through the belly 21 weeks pregnant, you can clearly listen to the baby's heartbeat, but she does not feel it. Sometimes it mistakenly thinks is the heartbeat of the fetus own pulse to the abdominal aorta. It is easily distinguished from the infant - the pulse of women approximately 2-fold less fetal heart rate.  Through the belly 21 weeks pregnant baby's heartbeat is heard clearly

Expectant mother may feel short of breath because of the marginalization of the uterus the lungs. At 21 weeks pregnant uterus above the navel 1 cm and above the womb, it is determined above 21 cm.

Due to the rapid growth of the uterus and its pressure on the pelvic area, pain by 21 weeks of pregnancy may not be a no-brainer, but if they are pulling or cramping in the lower abdomen, can not be ignored.

Vaginal discharge at 21 weeks' gestation normally transparent, odorless, admixture of blood from the vagina - a symptom of threatened abortion, in this case, you must consult your doctor immediately.

A survey of 21 weeks of pregnancy

Regular visits to the gynecologist every 2 weeks - a pledge of normal pregnancy. The doctor watches the growth of the fetus and the woman's condition over time, so that when the first signs of suspicious assign the necessary examination. It recommended holding ultrasound at 21 weeks' gestation, those who have not done this before. Many parents after the second ultrasound screening to know the sex of their future child.