32 Weeks Pregnant

Since the conception of the fetus at 32 weeks of pregnancy it was exactly eight lunar months or 30 weeks.  The length of the fetus at 32 weeks of pregnancy - 40 cm

Changes in the fetus

The size of the fetus by ultrasound at 32 weeks of pregnancy in length (from head to toe) is 40-41sm, it weighs about 1800

The heart rate of unborn babies for 32 weeks becomes a little less - 130-140 beats per minute, it is unstable and during perturbations can be slowed down for 3-4 seconds to 100 beats per minute. A special feature of the fetal heart is that both ventricles, cutting, blood is pumped into the systemic circulation, and in a small circle of blood practically does not arrive. Nervous regulation of the heart in the fetus at 32 weeks of development is not enough.

At 32 weeks pregnant the lungs continue to develop, increase their respiratory surface and the content of the surfactant. Future baby regularly performs training respiratory movements, but not amniotic fluid into the lungs, because the glottis closed. The impulses that cause these respiratory movements, are the fruit of the medulla oblongata. If he does not have enough oxygen, the intensity and frequency of these breaths can be amplified.

All nutrients and oxygen to the fetus at 32 weeks gestation received from the mother through the placenta, and the main source of energy for it - glucose. It is necessary not only to ensure the activity of the fetus, but also postponed as fat and glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. The rate of formation of fatty acids in the liver of the child increase compared with that after birth. From 30-32 weeks of pregnancy accelerates the deposition of fat in the subcutaneous tissue of the fetus, because of which the proportion of the fetus become more rounded.

Future baby at 32 weeks of pregnancy and stir vigorously moves, the mother can already establish some regularity in its activity.

Lanugo by this time almost lost, a little vellus hair is preserved only on the shoulders and back. Vernix remains in the folds of the skin.

Changes in women at 32 weeks of pregnancy

Due to an increase in the size of the stomach 32 weeks pregnant woman gets tired easily. The uterus above the symphysis pubis 32 cm and props from the bottom edge. The belly at 32 weeks of pregnancy prevents a woman lay, sit in one position for a long time to go. Because of the tightness of internal organs appear discomfort in the form of heartburn, acid regurgitation, nausea or constipation. Simple advice of a doctor to help alleviate these conditions. Can change the appearance and condition of the skin of pregnant - skin and hair become dry, the skin on his stomach stretched and itchy. On the hips, on her stomach at the navel and chest can sometimes appear streamers (otherwise referred to as striae).

Pretty unpleasant symptom at 32 weeks of pregnancy - bleeding gums. Their mucous membrane becomes loose and easily vulnerable under the influence of hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman.  The weight of the baby at 32 weeks of pregnancy - 1, 8 kg

Pain at 32 weeks of pregnancy in the abdomen, accompanied by regular pulling sensation may be the beginning of labor. Premature birth is usually faster than last term. In this period the fetus is able to survive in the presence of conditions for its nursing, many will even be able to breathe independently.

In preterm delivery point and abundant watery discharge at 32 weeks of pregnancy, which are the amniotic fluid. Discharge of water - one of the following onset of labor. They can flow out at once abundant in the case of the central rupture of membranes, or leak slowly at high side of the break.

A survey of 32 weeks of pregnancy

By that time, the time came for the third screening ultrasound examination of the fetus. Ultrasound at 32 weeks of pregnancy make women if they did not do it on the 30-31 week. It allows us to estimate the location and structure of the placenta, fetal position in the uterus and its size, the pathology of the cervix.

At 32 weeks pregnant should be repeated once the planned urinalysis. Its result will confirm or refute preeclampsia, or urinary system.