18 Weeks Pregnant

At 18 weeks of pregnancy the unborn child turns 16 or 4 weeks, 5 lunar month from the day that happened fertilization.  The size of the fetus at 18 weeks of pregnancy - 20-22 cm

Changes to the fetus

The size of the fetus at 18 weeks' gestation length is 20 - 22 cm, its weight can reach 200 grams All the organs of unborn babies continue to grow and develop.

Skeletal system of the fetus accumulates calcium, actively taking him out of the mother's body. On the fingers of hands and feet clearly defined future baby phalanx, and on the fingertips is determined for each person unique pattern prints.

At 18 weeks' gestation in the subcutaneous tissue starts to store fat, body shape of the fetus become more rounded, appear on the skin folds.

Actively develop all sections of the brain. Differentiated cells of the retina, it becomes more sensitive, and the fetus at 18 weeks of pregnancy can distinguish between light and darkness. By this time he also hears loud sounds that reach it from the outside. So unborn baby through the abdomen into 18 weeks of pregnancy is beginning to get acquainted with his mother, getting used to her voice.

Fruit is actively moving, and it is most active in the evening and at night. The periods of wakefulness are replaced by gaps decrease in activity, the average duration is 4 hours.

The heart of a child is well developed, and holding ultrasound at 18 weeks of pregnancy allows you to see the majority of congenital anomalies of development. Fetal heart rate is now an average of 154 - 164 beats per minute.

Continue to differentiate fetal airway, trachea is divided into two main bronchi. Over time, branching occurs the respiratory system of the fetus into smaller bronchi.  The weight of the fetus at 18 weeks of pregnancy - 200 grams

At 18 weeks pregnant uterus and fallopian tubes of the future girls occupy a permanent place in the abdominal cavity.

Changes in women at 18 weeks of pregnancy

The belly at 18 weeks of pregnancy quite a bit does not reach the level of the navel. He has grown so much that can cause difficulty in falling asleep. It is best to hold the position while sleeping on your left side, then the blood circulation is more physiological.

By that time, a pregnant woman can gain up to an additional 6 kg depending on its original build. To determine the individual rate increases of weight, it is taken into account body mass index, which was before pregnancy.

Dedicated to the 18th week of pregnancy, the nipples of the breast should not scare women, like bumps on the areola. They do not need to squeeze out - it can provoke increased tone of the uterus, which is especially dangerous when threatened abortion.

Pain at 18 weeks of pregnancy, occurring in the lower back, are associated with an increase in the load on the back and the center of gravity.

A woman at 18 weeks of pregnancy sometimes suffer from heartburn, constipation, flatulence in the intestine. These unpleasant symptoms can be corrected right diet rich in plant fiber.

Examination at 18 weeks of pregnancy

At this stage of pregnancy a woman commits a planned visit to the doctor who oversees the course of the period. During the examination, an obstetrician-gynecologist conducts weighting measures the blood pressure on both arms, the height of standing uterus over the bosom, listens to the heartbeat of the fetus.

Ultrasound at 18 weeks of pregnancy is prescribed only when there are doubts about the well-being of the fetus, such as its excessive activity or, conversely, if the mother has ceased to hear the fetal movements. On US 18 weeks of pregnancy can be clearly seen the sex of the fetus, as well as most congenital malformations.

Required control urine general analysis, it can detect toxemia at the earliest timing when there are no complaints about the violation of health or other symptoms.