14 Weeks Pregnant

At 14 weeks of gestation age of the fetus is 12 weeks, is the fourth lunar month of development. Future baby continues to grow rapidly. At week 14, end of the first trimester of pregnancy.  At 14 weeks of pregnancy the fetus can be fixed unconscious smile

Changes to the fetus

The size of the fetus at 14 weeks of gestation is about 8, 5 cm, weight 30 - '40 The appearance also changes - it becomes like a little man. Its usual place is occupied by the ears and eyes, the chin is made clearly visible to the neck, the hair on his head replaced by a more dense to the touch.

The reserves of adipose tissue has not deposited in the subcutaneous tissue, so the kind of fruit seems thin and emaciated. His skin is covered with vellus hair (lanugo) and a thick whitish grease. Through tactile receptors in the skin surrounding the fetus feels the uterine wall, his arms and legs, the umbilical cord. Constant stimulation of these receptors in utero stimulates brain development.

At 14 weeks of pregnancy to prepare the respiratory system of the fetus. Trains in major reductions in respiratory muscle - the diaphragm, the lungs to form a liquid which is filling the airways. Facial muscles already developed, and now face the fetus is not only negative, it is possible to fix the first unconscious smile.

In the intestine begins to move bile. From the 14th week of pregnancy can not listen to the fetal heartbeat through the mother's abdomen, do it with a special obstetric stethoscope in the form of tubes.

At 14 weeks of pregnancy in the shell of erythrocytes (red blood cells) are formed fetus specific antigens that are responsible for blood group. This so-called rhesus and ABO antigens. In general, the cellular composition of the blood of the fetus is still unstable.

Changes in the mother 14 weeks pregnant

At 14 weeks of pregnancy, a woman connects with her state of feeling consciously. Belly 14 weeks of pregnancy is rounded, with a breast plumper it changes the center of gravity of the body, moving it. Not the last role played by hormonal changes in the body that contribute to softening of the articular ligaments, especially of the hip joints and the symphysis pubis. He begins to form a kind of "proud" gait of pregnant women, sometimes also called "duck".

Tangible 14 weeks of pregnancy becomes and weight gain. A significant contribution to this made by the growing uterus, and adds the amount of amniotic fluid.

The body of the uterus can be felt through the abdominal wall of women, it rises above the symphysis pubis 10 - 12 cm. From this period at the reception gynecologist will check the size of the uterus corresponds to the growth (in centimeters above the vagina), gestational age (in weeks).

Dedicated to the 14 week of pregnancy, which can be from the vagina, quite abundant, whitish or transparent. It is a sign of a healthy pregnancy flow.  At 14 weeks of pregnancy it is already possible to listen to the baby's heartbeat

Abortion is possible at any stage, it may provoke a pronounced physical or emotional stress, infectious or physical illness of the mother. Pain at 14 weeks of pregnancy in the abdomen or lower back as a sign of the threat of interruption are cramping in nature.

A survey of 14 weeks of pregnancy

When pregnant complaints of severe weakness, drowsiness, pallor of her skin at 14 weeks during the regular examination, the doctor may prescribe a common blood test to rule out anemia. Reduced hemoglobin levels on this term can be found for the first time. For the correction of anemia is most often used iron preparations for oral and folic acid.

Ultrasound at 14 weeks of pregnancy is not routinely carried out. But there is need to monitor the presence of risk or threat of interruption. Needless ultrasonic radiation is harmless to the fetus, but still they should not be abused.

Every 2 weeks of pregnancy continues to take urinalysis. Adverse symptoms include detection of a protein, erythrocytes, leukocytes or bacteria.