12 weeks of pregnancy

At 12 weeks' gestation, the unborn baby will be 10 weeks from the moment of fertilization. Nearing the end of the first trimester, by which time the fetus is already formed all the organs and systems, they continue to develop and differentiate.  At 12 weeks of pregnancy can determine the sex of the child

Changes to the fetus

The size of the fetus at 12 weeks' gestation in length up to 6-7 cm, the weight reaches 12-14, on the kind of future child skinny and disproportionate - head size still makes most of its length.

At 12 weeks of pregnancy are well coordinated work of the nervous and muscular systems - makes the fruit of various movements in the womb. For example, when confronted with the wall of the uterus, it is repelled by it, makes a face, jaws compresses and sucks his fingers. Mother does not feel these movements, because the unborn child is still too small.

Intensively developed senses - the fruit of 12 weeks of pregnancy is able to react to light (turns away from bright sources), taste the amniotic fluid.

They begin to stiffen and become solid bone on the fingers missing ear. On the fingers the skin begins to form a picture that will further define the uniqueness of human fingerprints.

As a part of human blood cells at 12 weeks of pregnancy appear except red blood cells white blood cells responsible for immunity and healing of tissues.

Ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy will show how to cut the chamber of the heart and sex of the fetus. However, the future is not always the kid shows his genitals during the study, crossing legs with each other.

At 12 weeks pregnant quickly increases the amount of amniotic fluid. If the 10 week it was only 30 mL, then 2 weeks in their number increases almost 2-fold. Amniotic fluid perform a number of important functions to maintain the balance of metabolism and gas exchange of the fetus. Since the establishment of the placenta is the main part of the filtrate water from the mother's blood plasma.

Changes in women at 12 weeks of pregnancy

Over a period of 12 weeks pregnant woman's weight begins to increase continuously. Until that time, normal total weight gain should not exceed 3 to 5 kg.

Continue to increase the load on the cardiovascular system and kidneys pregnant.

At week 12 of pregnancy phenomenon of early toxicity in normal run, and well-being significantly improved.

To new sensations could add itching in the chest, thighs and abdomen. On the face can appear early age spots and spider veins, which will disappear after delivery.  The length of the fetus at 12 weeks' gestation - 6-7 cm

The belly at 12 weeks of pregnancy begins to increase in size. A more intense this increase occurs in the case of a multiple pregnancy. The uterus is gradually coming out of the pelvic cavity, reaching the symphysis pubis. Pregnancy in connection with this rarely suffers constipation and frequent urination.

Pain in the 12th week of pregnancy are less concerned, the placenta is working at full capacity and the risk of miscarriage in compliance with the minimum recommendations of the doctor. But in the case of bleeding at 12 weeks of pregnancy is high probability of interruption.

Examination at 12 weeks of pregnancy

On ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy can set the sex of the child. However, this requires a survey on the modern and high-precision equipment. In addition, ultrasound specifies the period of pregnancy, reveals gross malformations. This survey is timed blood test for alpha-fetoprotein, which shows the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities. Especially it is necessary to conduct in women over the age of 35-40 years.

Also, during a routine visit to the doctor passes a pregnant urinalysis.