13 Weeks Pregnant

At 13 weeks of pregnancy the fetus is performed 11 weeks after conception. He has 3 full calendar months, as this is the beginning of the 4th lunar month.  The size of the fetus at 13 weeks' gestation - 7 cm

Changes to the fetus

The size of the fetus at 13 weeks of pregnancy up to 7 cm and weighs about '23 His body is gradually pulled in length, and the ratio of the head / body gradually decreases, so the head seems not so big.

Many variations on this term occurs in the digestive tract of the fetus. In the future baby is completely formed the beginnings of the milk teeth, which is located deep in the gums and will be cut only after 5-6 months of life. Very rarely lower incisors begin to grow in utero, and the child is born with teeth already.

On the intestinal mucosa villi are formed, which will participate in the digestion of food. Fruit makes swallowing - he swallows amniotic fluid and in the digestive tract occurs driving digestion. Processed residues do not go from the gut and accumulate it in the form of meconium - original stool. The pancreas produces insulin actively - the hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism.

From 13 weeks of pregnancy in the future boys laid the prostate gland and the ovaries in the future all the girls formed egg (about 2 million), which will mature after birth.

Movement of the fetus at 13 weeks of pregnancy are not as active and chaotic as ever. This can be seen on ultrasound at 13 weeks of pregnancy. The kid feels part of his body, the umbilical cord, builds and stretches faces. He does not see - eyes covered for centuries, but it reacts to light. Mimic muscles is formed so that the baby only frowns and "angry." The muscles that form the involuntary smile, still underdeveloped.

In the skin of the fetus formed tactile receptors, making it feel touch and pressure. Unborn child from 13 weeks of pregnancy respond to changing status of the mother, and myself several times a day to change your position in the uterus. Formed sweat glands in the skin, and on his head - the first hair.

In this period the fetal heart has already been inside the chest, front protected basis sternum cartilage, there were the beginnings of the ribs. Soon the baby will try to make training respiratory movements.

Changes in women 13 weeks' gestation

The waistline is smoothed, and the belly for 13 weeks of pregnancy in women slowly increases in size. Because of this, she can not wear skirts or skinny old dresses that are tight.

It begins the most opportune time - a mother and her unborn child are well adapted to each other. Pregnant wellbeing, and the uterus and the fruit itself is not so great, it was hard for a woman to walk. Sometimes, due to some peculiarities of the location of the uterus can be nagging pain by 13 weeks of gestation in the inguinal folds. This is due to the fact that stretch round ligament. In this case, salvation could be prenatal bandage, and doctors recommend that women do not strain and regular rest.

Dedicated to the 13 week of pregnancy from the genital tract normally clear or whitish, more abundant than they were before pregnancy. They can not be confused with thrush, where the discharge consistency resembles cottage cheese, and they are accompanied by burning and itching.  Child's weight at 13 weeks of pregnancy - 23 g

Due to the hormonal changes and the structural features of the connective tissue on the chest or abdomen of women may appear in the form of stretching whitish or dark pink radial stripes.

A survey of 13 weeks of pregnancy

There are no specific studies on this term is required. Ultrasound at 13 weeks of pregnancy administered only if the physician sees a need for this, as well as those who do not have time for the first ultrasound.

Regular monitoring allows the urine to detect early signs of preeclampsia or pyelonephritis.

By this time, a woman should be assessed by experts:

  • The optometrist;
  • Therapist;
  • Gynecologist.

According to the testimony sometimes prescribed consultation cardiologist or endocrinologist.