25 Weeks Pregnant

For a period of 25 weeks of pregnancy, fetal life has continued for 23 weeks after fertilization, begins the seventh lunar month of pregnancy.  The length of the fetus at 25 weeks' gestation - about 32 cm

Changes in the fetus

On US 25 week of pregnancy the fetus is about the length of 32 cm, weight up to 700, he is already quite large, but can still change their position in the uterus. Movement and tremors of the child's mother feels regularly and clearly, he has his own sleep and wakefulness. The most active fetus becomes closer to the night.

Changing the appearance of the fruit - skin looks straightened and elastic. Through accumulated subcutaneous fat is not as bright vessels show through, so the skin of the fetus at 25 weeks of pregnancy is not as bright red as before. Subcutaneous adipose tissue thickens, and the whole body becomes more rounded lines, cheeks and creases appear on the buttocks. Well discernible facial features and individual characteristics.

The ears of the fetus at 25 weeks of gestation still soft cartilage, which is their foundation, underdeveloped, so they are not formed bends and curls. Appearance ears - one of the criteria for determining the degree of prematurity when a baby born prematurely.

The bones are deposited calcium and phosphorus, they are becoming tighter and tighter. Already fully formed in the bone marrow is formed in it blood cells. Until then, a part of them formed in the liver and spleen.

The amount of surfactant in the lungs continues to increase. Surfactant is a mixture of lipids, which do not allow light decreases with breathing. Its components can be found in the amniotic fluid at 25 weeks' gestation. But most of this amount of surfactant for spontaneous breathing of the fetus at birth for 25 weeks is not enough, and immediately after birth the lungs of newborn introduced an artificial surfactant.

Through the maternal abdomen at 25 weeks of pregnancy clearly listened fetal heartbeat, heart rate in this period is equal to 130 - 160 beats per minute.

On ultrasound at 25 weeks of pregnancy have easily determined the sex of the baby.

Changes in women 25 weeks' gestation

Belly 25 weeks of pregnancy continues to grow, the uterus rises above the symphysis pubis 25 cm, is determined by a physician during a routine inspection. Increases the load on the spine due to the fact that the center of gravity is shifted. This can cause pain at 25 weeks' gestation in the back, especially when lifting heavy objects. To feel good, doctors recommend wearing shoes with a small heel and a special bandage for pregnant women.

Changes gait women it is called "duck" or "the proud gait of pregnant women."

The growing uterus pushes organs higher because of this there may be heartburn, belching, or nausea.

Many women report that their baby hiccups in the stomach. The cause of hiccups is the following - the fruit as training swallows amniotic fluid, they fill his stomach. Stomach future baby is placed directly under the diaphragm - the main breathing muscle. Irritation of the diaphragm it provokes a reflex contraction that outwardly appears hiccups.

 Fetal heart rate at 25 weeks of pregnancy is 130 - 160 beats per minute
 Because of the unpleasant symptoms can appear on the legs swelling and blue mesh shines through the skin of varicose veins. Together, they can create a sense of gravity and cause pain by 25 weeks of pregnancy in the legs. Varicose veins are not only unpleasant to their appearance, they can cause serious complications - thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. Because of the propensity to edema, doctors recommend limiting intake of salt and fluids from 25 weeks of pregnancy.

Dedicated to the 25 week of pregnancy from the vagina is normal homogeneous consistency, unpainted or whitish, odorless or with a slight sour smell. They are very abundant, so that the woman has frequently use panty liners.

A survey of 25 weeks of pregnancy

Special types of testing for 25 weeks of pregnancy is not a woman routinely every two weeks to a doctor. If she did not have time to do any analyzes or visit specialists, the further delay is not recommended. Assignment tests at 25 weeks of pregnancy is possible if indicated or if you feel unwell pregnant.

Required control weight gain. It is better to do it every day in the morning, at home. Once every two weeks is required to repeat the urinalysis.