11 Weeks Pregnant

At 11 weeks of pregnancy continues active development and growth of the fetus at that time he was already 9 weeks from the moment of conception.  Fetus at 11 weeks of pregnancy have developed kidney

Changes to the fetus

The length of the size of the fetus at 11 weeks of pregnancy up to 5 cm, and weighs 7-8 grams, corresponding to a major drain on their size. He straightened slowly, his head still prevails over the body. Unborn child is able to stretch, lift head, bend big hands and fingers to squeeze his hand into a fist. He reacts to stimuli from the outside - sneezing and coughing mother received her food, and others.

The ears on the head of the fetus planted still low and his eyes set wide apart, but in the same plane.

At this time, the unborn child is formed Iris eye, the vocal cords, the first cells (blood cells). Starts tab of the external genitalia, and an ultrasound at 11 weeks of pregnancy experienced on the machine expert class can sometimes determine the sex of the fetus.

At 11 weeks of pregnancy is already well-developed buds, and fruit can urinate in the amniotic fluid. The placenta increases the number of blood vessels, it completely finishes the formation, taking care of all the needs of the growing fetus. Including the placenta carries removing metabolic waste products from the amniotic fluid in the mother's blood. Thus, the mother lies on kidney double burden not only because of increasing blood volume in the vessels, but also due to the fact that it is necessary to work and for the fetus.

The walls of the intestines by 11 weeks of pregnancy make a first peristaltic movements - training begins to digest food after birth.

Changes in women 11 weeks' gestation

At 11 weeks of pregnancy are often early symptoms of toxicity, health and mood improved. Although some women are beginning to complain of forgetfulness and distracted attention that may be related to hormonal changes.

The circumference of the abdomen at 11 weeks of pregnancy increases slightly. This is mainly due to an overall increase pregnancy weight and body fat, as the uterus has not yet moved beyond the pelvis. If you expect double or triple the belly 11 weeks pregnant already clearly visible.

Also, increases in volume and chest, the woman often is noted in the feeling of tightness in the same clothes. Dedicated to the 11 week of pregnancy, which may appear at the time of breast nipples are a normal variant. Squeeze them is impossible. Sometimes they are stored until delivery.

Dedicated to the 11 week of pregnancy vaginal worse than those that were before pregnancy. But if they are off-white or transparent and odorless, experience is not necessary.  Belly 11 weeks of pregnancy is slightly increased

During this period, the woman can feel the heat and flows associated with increasing blood volume in the vessels and the acceleration of metabolism.

Recommendations woman 11 weeks pregnant

If a pregnant woman has not got registered and did not pass prescribed examinations, it is advisable to do this as quickly as possible. Early registration prevents adverse pregnancy.

At 11 weeks of pregnancy to avoid contracting viral infections, particularly rubella. This virus causes malformations of the fetus, or even stillbirth if the contact was a woman with him the first time.

May adversely affect fetal anesthesia and X-rays, for example, during dental treatment. Some types of anesthesia are permissible only after 12 weeks.

In order not to overload the already operating with excess load kidney pregnant, should not be abused fluid, especially at night. Otherwise, it is impossible to avoid edema, it can adversely affect the health of the fetus.

If you experience pain at 11 weeks of pregnancy, localized in the abdomen, or bleeding from the vagina as soon as possible to see a doctor.