22 Weeks Pregnant

At 22 weeks of pregnancy the unborn baby for 20 weeks after fertilization, is the sixth lunar month of pregnancy.  The size of the fetus at 22 weeks' gestation - 27 cm

Changes to the fetus

On US 22 week of pregnancy the fetus reaches a length of 27-28 cm and weighs about 430-500 g

The brain of the fetus at 22 weeks of pregnancy reaches the weight of 100 g, it contains a complete set of nerve cells, and since then its mass is increased only by increasing processes. In the brain, the future baby set new connections, so his reflexes are becoming more complex.

The structure of the skin of the fetus is already largely similar to the skin of newborns, improve the system of tactile sensations.

At 22 weeks of gestation there is a possibility that after the birth of the baby will survive. Interruption in this period is considered no miscarriage and premature birth. The official medicine the fetus at 22 weeks of pregnancy have a chance to survive when he weighs at least 500 grams, and its length is 25 cm. Such children almost always require special nursing and respiratory support, and sometimes the heart.

The ability of the fetus to survive outside the womb is determined by the degree of development of his lungs, because it is from this period begin to form in the lung alveoli, which look like a kind of breathing bags. They form the basis of the pulmonary tissue, which gas exchange takes place, and therefore, the age occurs when the fetus can breathe.

Changes in women 22 weeks' gestation

The growing belly at 22 weeks of gestation creates a feeling of awkwardness in women, which to her overweight. The height of the uterus above the symphysis pubis on this term 22 cm and bottom of the uterus above the navel 2 cm. In the case of multiple pregnancy belly 22 weeks pregnant looks more like at a later date.

At 22 weeks of pregnancy can be detected swelling in the legs, old rings on the fingers may become tight and cause discomfort - it's all clear signs of edema. In addition, hidden edema appear excessive weight gain, which is one of the symptoms of late gestosis (edema pregnant women). The reason for this is not preeclampsia abuse liquid working more sophisticated, including broken placenta and kidney function. Preeclampsia negative impact not only on the state of health of the mother, it worsens the condition of the fetus - is broken flow to it oxygen and nutrients.

Usually release 22 weeks of pregnancy vaginal light, odorless or slightly sour, so that clots cheesy consistency, pus, or a large amount of mucus may be a manifestation of genital tract infection that can threaten the normal course of pregnancy and fetal well-being.  The weight of the baby at 22 weeks' gestation - about 500 grams

Copious watery discharge at 22 weeks' gestation to suspect leakage of amniotic fluid, and it can be eliminated by a simple test.

Because of the increasing weight of the uterus woman may experience discomfort and pain by 22 weeks of gestation in the groin and lower back.

A survey of 22 weeks of pregnancy

Doctor compulsory send a woman an ultrasound at 22 weeks of pregnancy, if she did not pass it to the 20-21 week. Even at a safe pregnancy this screening method of visualization is required, as it allows to assess the condition of the fetus. Ultrasound at 22 weeks of pregnancy can not only hold fetometry (measure key indicators of overall weight and fetal growth), but also to determine the sex, the degree of maturity and thickness of the placenta, smaller defects.

Measurement of blood pressure at a reception often show reduced numbers as blood volume increased significantly. Increased pressure - one of the symptoms of late gestosis.

Weight gain at 22 weeks' gestation should not exceed 300-500 grams per week are recommended weekly control of body weight.