7 weeks pregnant

At 7 weeks of pregnancy an unborn child is already 5 weeks, as according to the rules of Obstetrics calculation period is from the first day of the last menstrual period.  The weight of the embryo is 7 weeks pregnant - about 1 gram

Changes to the fetus

At 7 weeks pregnant fetal size when measured from crown to rump is already 11 - 14 mm, and it weighs about 1 g Up to half the length of the body is the head of the embryo. Because of the blood supply to handle growing faster than the legs are bent at the elbows, formed palm. On the arms and legs are clearly visible fingers. Continues to develop all the systems and organs of the embryo.

The most important change affects the cardiovascular system - the heart was divided into the atria and ventricles to work like all mammals, are formed by large blood vessels - the aorta, pulmonary artery and vein, vena cava.

At 7 weeks of pregnancy the unborn baby already has all of the major parts of the brain (it is divided into two hemispheres), hearing and vision. At the head of the embryo can be seen on the sides of the ears and the eyes cover formed eyelids.

At 7 weeks of pregnancy by ultrasound visible tail, which is the embryo of up to 10 weeks.

The formation of blood cells occurs now in the fetal liver, it also formed bile ducts. At the same time develop the trachea, esophagus, intestines. The pancreas produces insulin, the first - the hormone that affects the metabolism of carbohydrates.

The placenta is increasingly taking on the role in the sustenance of the fetus - its supply of oxygen, nutrients and waste products of metabolism. Completes its formation of the umbilical cord, utero-placental blood flow is almost completely set.

At 7 weeks of pregnancy by ultrasound fetal sex is not yet visible, but during this period the internal gonads are made in men (testicles) or female (ovaries), and outside between the legs visible only bump, which later become a female or male external genitalia authorities.

At 7 weeks of pregnancy the fetus begins to move, only because of the small size of the fetus a woman does not feel the movements.

Changes in a woman's body at 7 weeks pregnant

Intensively adjusts the rate of growth of the fetus and the female body. Uterus increases in size twice at a 7 week pregnant belly configuration has not changed. In this period the size of the uterus is usually compared with a large orange. Enlarged uterus is already putting pressure on the surrounding organs, it is manifested in some frequent urination.

At 7 weeks pregnant woman gives her a good appetite, because the body tries to store up nutrients for the growth of the fetus. Although severely restrict themselves do not need to control weight is not to exceed the recommended increases of obstetricians.

Increases by 10% the amount of blood circulating in vessels.  The size of the fetus at 7 weeks of pregnancy - 11-14 mm

Pain at 7 weeks of pregnancy may be caused by the fact that stretched ligaments supporting the uterus. They are located on the sides of the stomach and are not dangerous. To reduce discomfort, do not recommend a long stay in a tight vertical position.

But a woman should alert at 7 weeks pregnant abdominal pain like menstrual - drawing, cramping. These are the first symptoms of a miscarriage, when is best to consult a doctor. Spotting at 7 weeks of pregnancy is often accompanied by abdominal pain. Bleeding may start gradually, with the appearance of a few drops of red blood and can immediately profusely. The sooner a woman to ask for help, the more likely to save the fetus. Conventional isolation 7 weeks pregnant - so-called "whites" - are likely to worsen under the influence of hormonal changes.

Discomfort may be in the chest - in the form of stinging, swelling.

Screening for 7 weeks pregnant

Ultrasound 7 weeks of pregnancy will consolidate the place and number of fruit, heart, fetal movement.

The doctor usually once when registering pregnancy gives referrals to specialists (therapist, optometrist, dentist), the ECG, blood group and Rh factor in the blood and urine tests on a swab from the vagina. Some of them need to be repeated several times during pregnancy.