Pregnancy 4 weeks

4 weeks of pregnancy in obstetrics dates back from the first day of the last menstrual period, and corresponds to two weeks from the moment of fertilization.  Pregnancy 4 weeks - is 2 weeks from the date of fertilization

Changes in the 4 weeks of pregnancy

Female sex hormone progesterone causes changes in the uterus, preparing it for bearing fruit. Progesterone decreases contractility of the uterus, promotes the conservation and more reliable attachment of the ovum to the uterine wall.

Progesterone induces the formation of thick mucus plug, which is located at the outlet of the uterus and extends only just before the delivery. It will protect the future of the fruit of the penetration of possible infection of the genital tract.

At 4 weeks of pregnancy there is a transformation of the ovum into an embryo. At this stage, the fertilized egg has the form of flattened on both sides of the disc, which consists of three layers of cells. Each of them subsequently give rise to three embryonic tissue from which organs and tissues are formed of a child. Because the outer layer of cells originate nervous tissue, skin, mucous membranes, hair, lens, middle - bones and muscles, heart, blood vessels, and kidneys from the inside - the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and liver. By the end of 4 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is formed by bending the body.

At the same time beginning to develop intensively extraembryonic organs of the embryo, which support its existence as long as the care of it will not take the placenta. This is an amnion, chorion and yolk sac.

Amnion (water jacket) surrounds the embryo protective sheath, which protects against drying and mechanical damage. In appearance it resembles a bubble, and contains fetal water.

Chorion (villous sheath) is a precursor to the future of the placenta.

The yolk sac contains a supply of nutrients, and the first 3 months of pregnancy is exchanged and excretory functions.

The size of the fetus at 4 weeks of pregnancy no more than 3 - 4 mm, but it is already firmly entrenched in the uterine wall. US 4 week gestation usually shows that the embryo is attached to the rear wall of the uterus, ovary closer to the side from which the egg entered.

Feelings of women by 4 weeks of pregnancy

If a woman did not plan to get pregnant, she may be unaware of their condition, as being her about the same as before the next menstruation and abdomen at 4 weeks of pregnancy has not changed in the circle.

Emerged on the background of hormonal changes a woman's emotional outburst more often replaced by reassurance and tranquility, which is one of the conditions for child bearing. This is called an aura of pregnancy, when people notice that the behavior of women has changed.

Dedicated to 4 weeks of pregnancy from the genital tract normally clear or whitish, not abundant, odorless. Their appearance can be explained by the influence of hormones and increase blood flow to the small pelvis.

As a rule, the next menstruation does not occur. Spotting at 4 weeks of pregnancy may be signs of a miscarriage at the time of their appearance can be confused with the expected menstruation and not knowing about the pregnancy interrupted.

Weak pain at week 4 of pregnancy that occur in the abdomen, are also similar to precursors of menstruation. They may be a manifestation of adaptation to changes in the uterus, and a sign of a disease, such as urolithiasis.

The survey results at 4 weeks of pregnancy

The shape of the abdomen at 4 weeks of pregnancy to suspect it is not possible, because the increase in the uterus at this period is insignificant. A pregnancy test will show a negative or questionable results, depending on the period of fertilization, because the level of human chorionic gonadotropin in urine is not high enough. But in blood show high values ​​of it, as well as pregnancy hormone prolactin.  The size of the fetus at 4 weeks of gestation - 3-4 mm

If a woman is controlled prior to this period, the basal body temperature, you may notice a change in the schedule - the temperature at 4 weeks of pregnancy remains high (37 - 37, 4 degrees).

Ultrasound at week 4 of pregnancy allows you to see the yellow body in the ovaries, which increased in size. At this early stage of the survey usually do in case of problems with conception. With the use of high-precision ultrasound machines to 4 weeks of pregnancy on the rear wall of the uterus can also be seen an implanted embryo.

Recommendation 4 week of pregnancy

If you suspect a pregnancy, the expectant mother should eliminate bad habits such as alcohol and tobacco - they can lead to miscarriage or fetal deformities.

It is important to adhere to the correct mode of work and rest, night sleep should be complete. Proper and safe food - a pledge of healthy pregnancy.

It is advisable to start taking folic acid tablets if you have not already. It prevents neural tube defects in the unborn fetus.

In the absence of blood discharge from the genital tract, and pain at week 4 of pregnancy visit to the gynecologist in this period is not necessary.