1 week of pregnancy

 1 week of pregnancy - preparation for fertilization
 The gestation period - not just the most beautiful but also most responsible for the woman's time, which largely determines the health of the unborn baby. During this period the woman is under the close supervision of an obstetrician-gynecologist who monitors the pregnancy and fetal development.

For the convenience of observation and comparison counting the pregnancy goes for weeks, and normally it takes 40 - 42 weeks.

There are different ways to determine gestational age - the results of ultrasound, by date of ovulation or conception, the time of the first fetal movements and others. Worldwide, the most reliable count is considered to be the beginning of the pregnancy from the first day of the last menstrual period.

What happens in one week of pregnancy

At one week of pregnancy have menstrual bleeding as its duration in different women varies on average between 3 and 7 days. In fact, at this time fertilization has not occurred. Spotting at 1 week of gestation are the remains of the mucous membrane of the uterus (endometrium), which is rejected under the influence of hormonal changes in the body. That is why the appearance of signs of pregnancy to 1 week precede aching abdominal pain and weakness.

At 1 week of pregnancy can only talk about the preparation of the female genital organs of fertilization. In the ovarian follicles (the so-called female sex glands) gradually begins its cyclic development of the egg (female sex cell), which is destined to give birth to a new body. Almost every month one egg is ready for fertilization. If a woman plans to have thoughts about the pregnancy, she should think about the health of the fetus already at this early period.

Simultaneously with the egg follicles are formed in the female sex hormones -estrogeny. These hormones prepare the uterus for pregnancy nurturing - they contribute to an increase in its size and increase the amount of supplying the vessels. But typical signs of pregnancy are absent for 1 week, as its term is too small, and the fetus at 1 week of gestation in the uterine cavity yet.

Testing for 1 week of pregnancy

Typically, about 1 week of pregnancy only speak when this first week is over. Therefore, any signs of pregnancy at 1 week are accidental discovery during the examination with which a pregnancy coincided chronologically.  The ripening the egg inside the follicle can be detected by ultrasonography at 1 week of gestation

Thus, when the ultrasound at 1 week of pregnancy in a ripening ovarian follicle can be found (one or more) from within the egg. The size and position of the body of the uterus is not changed, the fruit on one week of pregnancy in uterine cavity is not yet clear. Ultrasound 1 week of pregnancy may be appointed on the strong cramping pain in the abdomen, when, for example, you want to exclude an ectopic pregnancy or ovarian rupture.

Those women who controlled basal body temperature can be noted that it is, as usual at the beginning of the cycle, is lowered.

Measurement abdomen 1 week of pregnancy indicates that it is not increased in volume, as the uterus has a small size, so does not affect its shape. Increased abdominal circumference at 1 week of pregnancy is usually associated with other causes such as a woman with the addition of its own weight and body fat in the waist area.

During a pelvic exam gynecologist discovers spotting 1 week of pregnancy, easily vulnerable and friability of the vaginal mucosa.