Pregnancy 2 Weeks

Most often, when it comes to pregnancy 2 weeks, a woman means by this delay for 2 weeks next menstruation. In obstetric practice, the duration of pregnancy begin to count from the first day of the last menstrual period. So when a woman finds out that she had a baby 2 weeks of pregnancy is already behind us.  2 weeks of pregnancy is characterized by the completion of oocyte maturation

What happens at 2 weeks of pregnancy

In this period the woman's body continues to prepare for future fertilization, which in fact has not happened yet. Her appearance and internal organs remain unchanged. Menstrual flow at 2 weeks of pregnancy often end.

The egg is nearing maturation and release from the ovary into the abdominal cavity, that is, the fruit of 2 weeks' gestation in the womb yet. Release of an egg from the follicle of the ovary is called ovulation. Since ovulation a woman can get pregnant. At about that time in her background hormonal changes increases libido, and therefore increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

Determine ovulation can be for a number of direct or indirect evidence:

  • Feels the woman (some feel immediate release egg);
  • By changing the nature of discharge for 2 weeks gestation (mucus becomes thick and transparent, similar to egg white);
  • According to the testimony of a special test for ovulation (the most precise method based on hormonal shifts).

Severe bleeding and pain at 2 weeks of pregnancy - a sign of disease (endometriosis, ovarian pathology, etc.). This combination of symptoms may be an indication of a failed pregnancy, as statistics, more than half of all pathological pregnancies terminated on such an early period. In the presence of both bleeding and pain at 2 weeks of pregnancy should be a complete examination, as they may cause a disruption of the normal course of pregnancy.

Release of an egg from the ovary may be accompanied by nagging abdominal pain at 2 weeks of pregnancy. Most often, this short-term pain and runs independently. If there are doubts about its origin, it is best to consult a gynecologist.

What will the survey at 2 weeks of pregnancy

If at this time the woman is ready to become a mother, most often not aware of the possible occurrence of 2 weeks of pregnancy. The survey, which assigns an obstetrician-gynecologist, as a rule, intended to prepare for it.

A pregnancy test is negative, because the fertilized egg is not yet entrenched in the uterine wall, and there is no diagnostically significant concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood.  Ultrasound at 2 weeks of pregnancy will show an increased follicle

Blood test for hormones may show an increased content of progesterone, which is also called the pregnancy hormone. He prepares the uterus for the attachment of a fertilized egg, and is responsible for maintaining pregnancy.

When the US for 2 weeks gestation can detect enlarged follicles in the ovary where the egg matures. Ovaries - a pair of female reproductive glands located in the abdomen. Fruit for 2 weeks gestation in the uterine cavity is not visualized.

Holding ultrasound at 2 weeks of pregnancy is usually recommended to women who in the past had problems with conception. For example, in polycystic ovary can estimate the degree of maturation of the follicle and the willingness to ovulation.

Monitoring basal body temperature for 2 weeks gestation usually show higher levels are about 37 - 37, 2 degrees.

Belly Circumference at 2 weeks of pregnancy is not increased. All changes that are typical for the body of a pregnant woman is yet to come.