3 Weeks Pregnant

Count 3 weeks of pregnancy in obstetrics is the first day of the last menstrual bleeding in women.  3 weeks of pregnancy - the period of fertilization


At 3 weeks of pregnancy the egg finally matures in the follicle of the ovary, the follicle bursts and the egg gets into the abdominal cavity. In the vicinity of the ovary located fimbriae (fimbriae) of the fallopian tube. They constantly oscillate in the direction of the lumen tube, carrying the egg. While promoting her fallopian tube, and fertilization takes place.

Fertilization makes one sperm more quickly attained all of the fallopian tube. In most cases it takes place in the tube section, which is called the ampulla.

The merger of male and female sex cells formed zygote. Through the contractile waves of the fallopian tubes, it continues to move toward the uterus.

Within hours, the zygote begins to divide, not increasing in size. In this case after the first division are formed two cells, which are called the blastomeres. A day later the zygote is already a member of the 4 cells that continue to divide exponentially. For three days blastula becomes similar to blackberries or mulberries, and at this stage it is called a morula (which means "mulberry"). Next fruit at the 3rd week of pregnancy as small as 0, 1 mm.

At 3 weeks of pregnancy changes take place on the spot ruptured follicle in the ovary from it formed the so-called corpus luteum. This "temporary" endocrine gland called because of the color of their cells. Yellow body synthesizes the female sex hormone progesterone, which contributes to maintaining pregnancy.

If an ovum implanting in the uterine wall, the corpus luteum persists until such time as its function will not take the placenta is formed. In case the implantation does not occur after 10 - 12 days it regress and disappear, becoming whitish body. Holding ultrasound at 3 weeks of pregnancy allows you to see in one of the ovarian corpus luteum.

By the end of 3 weeks of pregnancy, 6 - 7 days after fertilization, the blastocyst is trying to attach to the uterine wall - implantation stage begins. This is a very important period, it is also called critical. If all goes well - the pregnancy is maintained and developed further, but at this time of great risk of interruption, what may indicate bleeding in the 3rd week of pregnancy.

Changes in the body for three weeks gestation

Hormonal changes are felt first change in the state of health of the woman. Sometimes they are less pronounced, sometimes more - it all depends on their subjective assessment and the degree of sensitivity of the organism. Before they begin to notice all those who planned the pregnancy and waiting for her attack.

Appetite changes - he or enhanced, or lost, or appear electoral preferences to a particular product. Suspect attack 3 weeks of pregnancy may be based on an irresistible craving for some exotic foods, such as the entire acidic or dry pasta, but the meat often arises disgust.  US 3 weeks of pregnancy shows at the stage of fertilized egg implanting in the uterine wall

Hormonal changes and emotional splash background woman - it becomes capricious, quick-tempered and tearful. The nervous system lets you know so that it is ready to form a dominant of pregnancy.

The changes affect both breasts - they nagrubayut slightly increases in size, nipples may darken. Dedicated to 3 weeks of pregnancy, which are sometimes from the nipple, also caused by hormonal.

If 3 weeks pregnant stomach ache - it may be a symptom of implantation of the egg, and the threat of termination of pregnancy. In case of miscarriage of pain for 3 weeks of pregnancy are often accompanied by bleeding.

A survey at the 3rd week of pregnancy

The circumference of the abdomen at the 3rd week of pregnancy does not change, as the term is too small. Indicative be blood on hormones - more than 2-fold increased levels of progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin can be detected. Pregnancy test for 3 week may show weak positive result.

When conducting ultrasonic 3 week of pregnancy in uterine cavity can be detected ovum implantation step in its wall. The size of the fetus at the 3rd week of pregnancy is very small, so the more informative is holding ultrasound on the machine expert class.