Rhinoplasty  Rhinoplasty - nose reshaping
   We are doing even in ancient times. As in those days, now the majority of operations performed on the nose with a cosmetic purpose. Undergo corrective congenital or acquired defects of partitions, the tip of the wings or the back of the nose. For rhinoplasty using special tools, and to the work itself requires an individual and creative approach.

Indications for rhinoplasty

Indications for rhinoplasty are divided into cosmetic and medical.

Cosmetic indications for rhinoplasty:

  • Saddle nose can be found on the basin in the middle of the nose, which arises from the underdevelopment or destruction of cartilage and bone. The operation involves administering subcutaneous implant, whereby the nose after rhinoplasty acquires the normal form;
  • Hooked nose: in this case the situation is reversed - the cartilage and bone of the nasal bulging. When rhinoplasty in this case, use of sharp cutting tools, made osteotomy and smoothing of protruding parts of the nose;
  • Broad nose: this kind of deformation is much more common. The reason for it lies in the space between the legs krylnyh medial cartilage. Normally the legs are adjacent to one another, but in a wide nose space between them is filled with connective tissue. Rhinoplasty is an outcrop krylnyh cartilage and excision of tissue between the medial legs, followed by convergence and stitching them together;
  • Curvature of the nose: to correct the deformation is carried out fairly complex rhinoplasty, which includes osteotomy of the frontal bone of the upper jaw osteotomy of the nasal bones in the nose bridge. Then give the correct position of the nose.
  • The desire of the patient: sometimes there is no direct evidence for rhinoplasty, but the person is still not satisfied with the shape of his nose. If there are no contraindications to surgery, the plastic surgeons are going to meet patients.

For medical reasons for rhinoplasty include tumor formation in the nose, and traumatic gunshot injury, restoration of nasal breathing difficulty due to the curvature of the nasal septum. The operation is performed by different methods, depending on the etiology of the disease, the lesions and recovery.

Where can I make a rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty - it is a major surgery as surgical intervention occurs in the airways of the initial section.

The aesthetics of the person plays an important role in the psychological equilibrium of human communication skills. Ethnicity affects the quality of life, so to reduce the risk of an unsuccessful rhinoplasty should be trusted only to trusted professionals.

It is not necessary  Rhinoplasty without surgery
 save on their health, choosing the institution because of the low price. This choice can be very expensive, because experienced always adequately assess themselves and his services can not be cheap. It is possible that saving now, and then have to spend much more to correct the effects of an unsuccessful rhinoplasty.

However, by itself the high price does not guarantee that the surgeon is sure to brilliantly rhinoplasty. The ideal option would be to someone's recommendation, particularly acquaintance passed through surgery and get excellent results.

Reviews of rhinoplasty

So whether rhinoplasty, if there is no medical evidence, or better not to risk it? To dispel any doubts, ask the opinion of those who decided on the operation. Basically everyone who had obvious cosmetic defects of cartilage and bone of the nose, happy with the result, in addition to external effect, the nose after rhinoplasty may work better than before. But among those who tried to solve the psychological problems due to surgery, rhinoplasty mixed reviews about.

There is another group of people who helped rhinoplasty. They began to feel much more confident, no longer worry about their appearance. In this case, rhinoplasty is really appropriate, because with the help of the operation managed to get rid of the inferiority complex and related experiences.

It is worth remembering that the perception of beauty at everyone. If you have a cosmetic indications for rhinoplasty, the surgery can really help you to eliminate the psychological problems. But if you're just unhappy with their appearance, most likely, it is necessary to begin not with it, and to revise their views. Perhaps you are missing is not a beautiful shape of the nose, and a bit of warmth and love of self.