Mentoplasty - correction of the chin
 The beauty of the face is made up of harmonious proportions of all its features. And the chin plays in this equation is not the last role. But even if it is far from ideal, modern surgery can correct deficiencies. Plastic surgery on the chin collectively called mentoplasty.

The proportions of the face

Chin - a factor that determines the shape of the face. Its appearance depends on the side angle of the mandible and the extent of the base "chin triangle." At an angle of the lower jaw of more than 125 ° and the chin acute triangle face is oval or triangular. At an angle of the mandible at least 125 ° face seems rectangular or round.

If we analyze reviews Mentoplasty patients who have already had it not difficult to see that the operation have resorted mainly in extreme cases where the defect of the chin significantly distorts the proportions of the face. Thus, mentoplasty shown when observed:

  • Little receding chin, where the upper part of the face visually increases;
  • Heavy prominent chin;
  • Too round chin and feminine men or square with a pronounced cleft chin masculinity in women;
  • Double chin, formed by fatty deposits;
  • Asymmetric chin;
  • Chin, deformed as a result of injuries;
  • Chin with birth defects.

Before Mentoplasty always done modeling, which allows us to estimate the effect of the subsequent cosmetic surgery. You will need an X-ray of the lower jaw, as well as a number of analyzes, confirming the willingness of the patient to surgery.

Technique Mentoplasty

Depending on the ultimate goal of the patient can be used the following techniques of plastic chin:

  • Augmentation mentoplasty;
  • Reducing mentoplasty;
  • Correction of double chin.

Operations are carried out under local anesthesia and lasts from 30 minutes to 2, 5 hours. The incision is made in the Mentoplasty or on skin folds under the chin (outer section), or on the inside of the lower lip (inner section). Each technology has its own characteristics.

Chin augmentation - Mentoplasty kind, which is held in low volume chin. The surgeon pushes the lower jaw fragment forward. If this is not enough, then the periosteum installed implant. Sometimes, in order to achieve a better effect, the missing volume of the chin can be further filled with the patient's own fat - this method is called liposculpture.

Augmentation mentoplasty shown at microgeny - congenital, traumatic or postoperative mandibular defects, because of which the chin looks small or sloping. It may seem that this operation resorted mostly men, to give the face a more masculine look. However, judging by the reviews of Mentoplasty, small receding chin, and women are not satisfied. Augmentation mentoplasty allows to balance facial features with the help of silicone implants, bringing them to the classical ideal proportions.

Reducing mentoplasty is an operation for bone plastic transformation. The surgeon removes or cuts through the bone fragment displaces the lower back and fix it serklyazhnymi seams. Reducing mentoplasty - rather long operation, it takes about two hours.

This type of surgery is indicated for very heavy disproportionately large chin. If the male person the defect gives more spicy, the woman's face with a large chin massive acquires masculine traits. Not surprisingly, the reviews of reducing Mentoplasty type left mostly women, who tend to soften facial features.

Correction of double chin technically refers to reducing Mentoplasty. However, the technique is a bit different. This is a tightening of the lower third of the face, which eliminates body fat and sagging skin. When correcting a double chin incision is made from the outside. The surgeon excised the excess fat and tissue in the neck that allows you to adjust the shape of the face.

Contraindications and side effects Mentoplasty

The operation is performed only in mature bone, and the bone as teens develop up to 23 years, not recommended for surgery earlier this age, if we are not talking about correction of serious birth defects or consequences of accidents and serious injuries.

In addition, there are absolute contraindications associated with the state of health of the patient. These include some thyroid disorders, cardiovascular and infectious diseases, poor blood clotting, high blood pressure, diabetes, violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​operations, as well as a number of diseases of the oral cavity, in the case of intraoral incision for the surgery.

It is worth remembering that the operation may require a change in lifestyle. For example, if the implant was used, there is always a risk of bias. So after Mentoplasty advised to avoid traumatic sports, such as boxing. As with any surgery, mentoplasty can cause infection in this case it may be necessary to remove the implant to prevent deterioration.

Recovery Mentoplasty

 Types and methods of Mentoplasty
 Usually after the surgery does not require hospitalization. Sometimes the patient may remain in the hospital for 24 hours, if he shows absolute calm. Within 1-2 weeks after the patient has Mentoplasty fixing bandage, which keeps the fabric in position - it is removed after complete healing tissues. The first three days may feel uncomfortable to address which can be used cold. 3-5 days, the patient may feel slight pain, to eliminate that your doctor may recommend an anesthetic drug. After swelling Mentoplasty not excluded, usually extending over 7-10 days. One week after surgery sutures are removed and you can start to work within 3-4 days. Judging by the reviews of Mentoplasty, the recovery period depends largely on the type of operation and the condition of the body.

Typically, after the procedure (often if the implant was used), it is not recommended exercise, especially in the chin. It is necessary to avoid heavy lifting or exercise for a month after surgery. In addition, in order to avoid mixing of the implant or bone, as well as severe pain, the patient is recommended for the first time to eliminate stress on the jaw and use only liquid and soft foods - mashed potatoes, juice.

Despite all the inconveniences associated with the recovery period to Mentoplasty resorted more and more men and women. After all, the aesthetic result, which gives the operation, enabling them to radically revise their attitude to themselves, increase self-esteem and quality of life change.