Intimate Plastic

Intimate Plastic - direction of plastic surgery which has the purpose of elimination of physical defects and correction of aesthetic defects of the genital organs. Intimate plastic to allow women to make correction of small and large labia, to restore the hymen and the vaginal wall (especially important after the birth). Intimate Plastic for men is to correct aesthetic defects of the penis, increase it, prosthetics.  Intimate Plastic labia majora - labiaplasty

Intimate Plastic Women: Key correction

Among the main types of intimate plastics conducted in women secrete hymenoplasty, labiaplasty, plastic vagina, labia minora plastic. As a rule, medical indications for intimate plastic does not exist.

Hymenoplasty - operation aimed at restoring the hymen. This type of plastic does not have a intimate medical evidence and is only of recommendation character. Restoration of the hymen is practiced in women survivors of rape, while being a virgin, as psychological therapy. Reconstruction surgery can be performed in one patient several times. During the surgery the plastic surgeon sews part hymen which injured and thinner with every subsequent rupture during sexual intercourse.

Labiaplasty - kind of intimate plastics, aimed at correcting the size and shape of labia majora in women. Indications for labiaplasty in women are:

  • A modified form of the labia majora due to injury;
  • Lack of development of the labia majora.

Among the personal factors that motivate women to seek intimate plastic labia majora, allocate:

  • The asymmetry of the labia majora;
  • The disproportion of large and small labia;
  • Laxity of the labia majora;
  • The increased size of the labia majora.

Increased labia majora is done by lipofilling - using patient's own fat to add volume with contour injections. In rare cases, this type of intimate plastic women used biocompatible gels and fillers. This is achieved only a temporary effect of increasing the volume of the labia majora, which, depending on the type of filler will last from 1 to 3 years.

The reduction of the labia majora is held because of their age and physiological changes. Significant weight gain labors help to increase the size of the labia.

The reduction of the labia majora is based on two methods:

  • Resection of skin tissue, when performed excision of excess skin of the labia majora;
  • Liposuction - involves the removal of excess fat in the intimate area, which can significantly reduce the size of the labia majora.

Vaginal brings together a complex plastic surgery aimed at restoring the shape and size of the vagina after injuries and fractures, obtained as a result of difficult labor, as well as the elimination of congenital defects (aplasia - the physical absence of the vagina over a wide entrance to the vagina).

Vaginal shown in patients aged 25 to 55 years old who are not planning future natural childbirth.

The main method of this type of plastic is intimate colporrhaphy - excision of the vaginal walls scarred with subsequent suturing.

Plastic labia minora - direction intimate plastics for women, suggesting correction shapes and sizes of the labia minora. The indications for this type of intimate plastics are discomfort and pain in women during sexual intercourse, wearing lingerie, physical activity.

Correction of the labia minora requires highly skilled plastic surgeon in this area intimate plastics, because the problem is not only the operation in the elimination of physical discomfort, but also retaining the aesthetic appeal as well as the sensitivity of intimate areas of women.

Intimate Plastic Men

Intimate plastic men suggests an increase in penis length, thickness, circumcision, falloprotezirovanie.  Circumcision - tsirkumizatsiya, intimate plastic for men

Tsirkumizatsiya - direction of intimate plastic, suggesting circumcision. This kind of intimate plastics men carried both by personal beliefs (in relation to health, sensitivity, religion), and for medical reasons (phimosis - a physiological feature of the structure of the penis, in which the head can not be uncovered, balanoposthitis - inflammation of the glans and foreskin of the penis) .

Lengthening the penis is done by ligamentomii - cutting the suspensory ligament. The anatomical structure of the penis involves two cavernous body: flush and surface. Suspensory ligament captures hidden cavernous body. It allows you to lengthen the penis is cut using its internal potential.

Intimate plastic for men also implies an increase in the thickness of the penis. Basic techniques of this type of intimate plastics:

  • Transplantation of muscle flap;
  • Lipofilling;
  • Transplantation of cellulocutaneous gluteal flap;
  • Implantation of a resorbable matrix penis.

Transplant patient's own tissue gives consistent results, with the risk of rejection is large enough. Lipofilling and use of resorbable matrix provide only short-term results, and the risk of rejection is reduced to a minimum.

Faloprotezirovanie - direction of intimate plastic, which today is a radical method of permanent recovery of erectile function. The main indication for surgery is impotence, erectile dysfunction, in which the conservative treatment methods remain powerless. The technique consists in implanting various types of prostheses (rigid plastic, inflatable) in the body of the penis.

Intimate plastic before and after

Looking ahead to the intimate plastic before and after, patients can consult several leading specialists in the field. Most surgeons who specialize in this field, have a portfolio containing intimate photos before and after plastic. Find real examples of works on the Internet is extremely difficult.

Intimate Plastic: patient testimonials, recommendations surgeons

Taking the decision to hold an intimate plastics reviews of patients undergoing this type of surgery is very important. Keep in mind that the direct medical indications for the majority there is no manipulation. Each patient has to realize for themselves the importance and risks of the operation. Intimate plastic, reviews of which can be found in the global network, is a full surgical procedure, which can lead to serious complications.