Breast Implants

Implants called plastic surgery on the breast to change its shape or size.  Breast Implants - correction of shape and / or size of the breast

Indications for mammoplasty

Indications for mammoplasty are:

  • Makrospatiya, which is characterized by strongly increased in breast size at which the elasticity and location for the saved;
  • Mikromastiya, which is a congenital disease and is determined by the small size of the chest;
  • Breast ptosis whereby breast size is stored, but it is omitted in this case;
  • Postlaktatsionnaya involution mammary gland where greatly reduced in size, which usually develops after breastfeeding child.

Most often, women spend mammoplasty, but with hypertrophied breasts in men (gynecomastia) is also possible to carry out this operation.

Contraindications for mammoplasty

Doctors have isolated a number of diseases and conditions in which to carry out mammoplasty contraindicated. These restrictions may be either absolute or temporary. So mammoplasty contraindicated to carry out:

  • When cancer;
  • During the treatment of infectious diseases;
  • Severe diseases of internal organs;
  • Against the background of bleeding disorders;
  • Before reaching the age of eighteen years;
  • During unfinished lactation (usually until the child is 12 months).

Prior to the conclusion of mammoplasty need to get doctors about the possibility of the procedure that is done on the basis of the inspection and the results of research:

  • ECG;
  • Coagulogram blood;
  • General analysis of urine and blood;
  • Analysis for the presence of hepatitis B;
  • Biochemical analysis of blood;
  • Breast ultrasound.

Also, there are some limitations on taking certain medications before the mammoplasty. Thus, in the absence of contraindications for 2 weeks before the operation it is prohibited to take medicine, which include salicylates. Also during this period is counter-hormonal contraceptives. To speed up the healing process of sutures week before surgery should stop smoking.

Typically, operation for the mammoplasty performed under general anesthesia. The average duration of the operation, depending on its form varies from 1 5 to 4:00.

Indications and contraindications for reduction mammoplasty

Called reduction mammoplasty surgery aimed at reducing the volume of the breast.

Heavy drooping breasts tend to cause not only physical but also moral discomfort. It is the excessive size and weight of the glands that cause discomfort for the woman, in most cases, is the main indication for reduction mammoplasty.

In addition, heavy and a lowered breast is often accompanied by low back pain and static deformation of the spine. Against the background of hypertrophy of the mammary glands can develop chronic mastitis and breast with a pronounced pain syndrome.

Contraindications for reduction mammoplasty are:

  • Severe concomitant diseases in the stage of decompensation, such as hypertension or diabetes;
  • Breast Disease.

In addition to the standard survey for mammoplasty in the planning of this type of surgery should consult with an oncologist, mammalogy.  The operation of mammoplasty

During the operation of reduction mammoplasty usually solved three major problems:

  • Raising dropped the nipple-areola complex retaining its sensitivity and simultaneous creation of an aesthetically beautiful symmetrical shape breasts and minimal scars, located in a hidden area;
  • Removal of excess volume of breast tissue to ensure proper conservation of the remaining supply of tissues and glands of the nipple-areola complex;
  • Removing unnecessary, excessively stretched skin that covers the gland.

The optimum strategy for an operation the surgeon determined individually taking into account existing problems. Thus necessarily it shall be possible lactation.

Rehabilitation after mammoplasty

According to statistics, complications are uncommon mammoplasty. In the case of the inflammatory process is usually prescribed antibiotics.

The success of the carried mammoplasty, reviews, is largely determined by the period of rehabilitation. Discomfort usually take 3-4 days after the operation, and the swelling goes completely in a few weeks. In addition, early recovery (up to 7 days) postoperative hematomas can occur.

According to the majority of plastic surgeons to preserve the shape of the breast after mammaplasty need a special compression garment.

This underwear after mammoplasty is recommended to wear at least a month, which will contribute to more rapid recovery after surgery, reduce swelling and improve circulation.

In addition, a compression garment after mammoplasty monitors the position of the implants and prevents abrupt lowering.

Often breast after mammaplasty in the recovery period can deliver some discomfort and lead to pain in the shoulders and back. Compression underwear increases comfort during this period and reduces the addiction.

When you select a compression underwear after mammoplasty should make sure that it is:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Comfortable;
  • Breathing;
  • Free;
  • Invisible under clothing to the naked eye;
  • Helps prevent swelling and bruising.

Until full recovery after breast mammoplasty, reviews, it is not recommended to wear:

  • Bras without lyamochek, because in this period it is important to create the right support for breast implants;
  • Push-up bras, which can cause deformation of the shape of the breast.

Also in the recovery period after mammoplasty, reviews, it is recommended to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Throughout the year, avoiding direct sunlight or tanning lamps in the region with scars, not to provoke uncontrolled development of pigmentation;
  • Use means to reduce the visibility of scars only after complete healing;
  • In the early stages of rehabilitation period it is recommended to sleep on his back with his head slightly raised, which will help to reduce swelling and reduce discomfort. On the side after mammoplasty, the reviews, you can sleep in 2 weeks, while on his stomach - not earlier than in a month;
  • It is not recommended to have sex for several weeks after surgery, but to protect themselves from a possible pregnancy should be at least one year.