Beautiful mouth is perhaps the most  Lip using fillers
 attractive and sexy part of a woman's face. However, the lip is extremely vulnerable to age over time, they become thinner, their outlines become more blurred, the skin around the mouth is covered with fine lines. Cosmetics, even expensive, provides only short-term results, and because those for whom appearance is paramount, over time, have to resort to medical methods of correction of the lips. Such interference can be surgically called cheiloplasty or operating Lip and held non-surgical injection method using a correction filler.

It should be noted that the plastic lip can not only smooth out wrinkles and tighten sagging corners, that is to be anti-aging, but also completely change the shape of the lips, speaking in the role of corrective intervention. Correction type is selected depending on the desired result and some specific features.

Surgical repair of the lips or chiloplasty

Chiloplasty is used to a radical change in shape of the lips. In addition to age and desire to change the readings form the basis for such an operation could serve as cysts, scars, and papillomas. Also plastic lips used for medical anomalies of bridles lips or cleft lip. Plastic upper lip over the removal of cleft held in early childhood, the best results are achieved if the operation is done in 3-6 months.

As plastic upper lip and lower lip of plastic are not extensive and traumatic interventions, however, due to the fact that this region has an intensive blood supply, surgery accompanied by a significant postoperative edema. Patients should be warned about this, not to be afraid and do not accept this condition as a complication of surgery.

The swelling goes quickly, and in about a week and a half is usually already possible to use cosmetics. If the operation went well and without complications, the scar becomes almost imperceptible and easily disguised. Reviews of plastic lips are generally positive - effects of surgery persists for life. Unsuccessful plastic lips by surgery is rare, since it is carried out by qualified doctors in a surgical hospital.

Contour lips using fillers

This type of correction is used in order to increase and changes in the shape of lips or both of them. The most common fillers are used various biopolymer gels. Manipulation is not complicated - first do local anesthesia, and then the gel is injected into the lip and with the help of massage spreads it. in this case  Surgical repair of the lips
   after injection swelling also occurs, but after a few days at the desired lip shape.

A relatively new method of contouring the lips is a fat injection, lipofilling. It is similar to the usual contouring, but instead of the gel filler acts as the patient's own fat. Advantages in the absolute biocompatibility of filler, but the method has drawbacks - it is expensive, survives only 30-40 per cent imposed by fat cells, so the procedure has to be repeated several times, and in between the relief of the lips may be uneven. This procedure can effectively carry out both plastic lower lip and upper. In general, reviews of the plastic lips using fat injection, lipofilling are positive in many respects, this method is optimal for aesthetic correction.

The downside of non-surgical plastic lip using biopolymer gel or own fat is its fragility, as both gel and fat dissolve with time.

For longer effect as a filler is sometimes used gels like silicone. They are, in comparison with biopolymeric give long-term effect, but this method of correction is the most frequent cause of unsuccessful plastic lip as a frozen filling may take the form dense clumps, creating uneven terrain, and move within the fabric lips, and return it to the desired position very complicated.