Buttock augmentation - feedback and recommendations
 An important part of a beautiful figure is high and buttocks tightened. Their shape and volume are predetermined genetically, but as a rule, the size is not always comfortable with its owner. As a consequence, a woman has a more careful approach to the choice of clothes and to abandon tight jeans or trousers.

Out of this situation is - buttock augmentation using implants. In modern plastic surgery, this operation is called glyuteoplastika.

Indications and contraindications to plastic buttocks

Positive results of hundreds of thousands of transactions showed that plastic buttocks very effective. Contraindications procedure a bit, and after glyuteoplastiki virtually no complications. It is not surprising that the ratings to increase the buttocks, usually positive, and plastic surgery itself - a wonderful alternative to exhausting exercises in the gym, which do not always give the desired effect.

Why is physical activity and exercise may not lead to the result? Firstly, there is a limit on the growth of the gluteal muscles, genetically mortgaged. Secondly, the buttocks are not always symmetrical, and, thirdly, since some injury and disease is not possible to increase the muscle mass as a whole and in particular the muscles of the buttocks.

So, there are the following indications for glyuteoplastike:

  • The need to increase or decrease the area of ​​the buttocks to improve their form;
  • Inability to other ways to increase the gluteal muscles, so that they are proportional to the figure;
  • An excessively small amount of the buttocks or omission;
  • Atrophy or deformation due to injuries buttock tissue.

Despite the fact that the effect of "before" and "after" with the increase of the buttocks is obvious, there are some contraindications to be brought to the attention of your surgery. Glyuteoplastiku can not be done in inflammatory, infectious and oncological diseases. Specialists also banned the plastic buttocks in identifying diabetes and obesity caused by disease of the endocrine system. Inelasticity of the patient's skin and blood clotting - two more reasons to refuse surgery.

The operation to increase the buttocks

In each case, the expert decides whether it is possible plastic buttocks. After that the simulation, together with the patient the surgeon determine the future size and shape of the gluteal muscles. Special computer technology helps to see what results are expected in the end.

Preparation for the operation starts with the first consulting your doctor, as shall all the analyzes. Before the procedure, photographed and measured the buttocks, and then they applied a marker pattern, based on the simulation. Thereafter, the patient goes to the operating room.

Plastic surgery is performed in the area of ​​access mezhyagodichnoy folds, making trail from surgery virtually invisible. Duration glyuteoplastiki - 1, 5-2 hours, at this time the patient is under general anesthesia.

Silicone implants are used to increase the buttocks, are selected individually, they are absolutely safe and yet effective. Their location depends on the purpose of the plastics and of the patient's anatomy. The most common options for placement of implants following:

  • Inside the gluteus maximus;
  • Under the superficial gluteal fascia;
  • Under the gluteus maximus muscle.

The size and shape of the silicone implants used in the glyuteoplastiki different. Plastic surgeon selects them individually in each case, based on the wishes of the patient and based on the complexity of the task.

Temporary restrictions after surgery to increase the buttocks

After plastic surgery within the first two days, the patient usually feels pain. Also during the rehabilitation period may be an increase in temperature and a temporary reduction of sensitivity in the area of ​​plastic buttocks. However, these symptoms pass quickly enough.

After the increase of the buttocks for two weeks the patient must adhere to certain rules and restrictions:

  •  Surgical methods of buttock augmentation
 Do not sit on the gluteal muscles;
  • Wearing special compression underwear;
  • Sleep lying on your side or stomach;
  • Sleep on your back with just laid in the upper part of the thigh pads.

Full exercise allowed only six weeks after the plastic surgery.

Results buttock augmentation, reviews, noticeable immediately after glyuteoplastiki but look natural gluteal muscles begin a few months, when they become soft, and the patient "forgets" about the implants and enjoying the achieved results.