Magnesium citrate


Magnesium citrate (e345) - food additive group of antioxidants used for food as an acidity regulator, a hardener plant tissue stabilizer latch coloration salt substitute.  The formula of magnesium citrate

From a physical point of view, the addition of e345 is a colorless crystals or a white powder with a slightly acidic taste, odorless. Slowly soluble in cold water, well - hot. The resulting solution has a taste of citric acid and transparent in appearance.

Natural sources of magnesium citrate is the peel of citrus fruits, cotton leaves, pine needles, and all the fruit off. It artificially prepared from equivalent amounts of citric acid and magnesium hydroxide.

The properties of the food additive e345

In foreign medicine magnesium citrate is used as a laxative to clean the bowel prior to surgery. This eliminates the need to carry out a cleansing enema. However, the e345 has a wide range of pharmacological effects - a calming, analgesic, sedative, anti-arrhythmic, anti-stress, choleretic, protivoosteoporoznym, anticonvulsant, and others.

From magnesium dependent over three thousand enzymes in the body. It's no wonder it is called as metal life. Magnesium deficiency can lead to a number of complex diseases.

Magnesium citrate is the most convenient form of magnesium absorption by the body, as citrate - the best conductors in the cell. Contents of pure magnesium composed of magnesium citrate is about 11%.

The use of magnesium citrate

E345 food additive used in 70 food standards as a regulator of acidity and antioxidants synergist. Permitted add it into cocoa products and chocolate, fruit juices (up to 3 g / l), nectars (up to 5 g / l), as well as jams, marmalades, jellies and other products, including low calorie.  Magnesium Citrate - magnesium citrate capsules

E345 additive added to untreated fruits and vegetables, intended for cooling and freezing, in a purified and packaged potatoes, as well as fats and oils of vegetable or animal origin, with the exception of olive oil and obtained by molding. Use a food additive for culinary purposes, is added to canned fruits and vegetables, whey cheese, minced meat and meat products, pasta and beer.

Magnesium citrate is used and the salt-melter for processed cheese (30 g / kg). As the stabilizer, it is added to fat and minced meat products. For thermal stability, it is added to the milk, and as an acidity regulator - in jellies, desserts, jams and preserves, bakery and confectionary products. As an antioxidant synergist added e345 into juices, vegetable oils, margarine, lard.

In addition to the food industry e345 used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Effect of magnesium citrate on the human body

There are no restrictions on the daily consumption of additives e345 does not exist. Food supplement is considered relatively safe for the human body, however, it is not recommended to use for children.