Curcumin - a natural dye, which is part of the leaves and roots of turmeric - a plant of the ginger family. Curcumin is produced by extracting the powder from the roots alcohol or petroleum ether. This material creates a taste and smell of turmeric. Its flavor gives camphor, it tastes bitter, even burning. Curcumin is poorly soluble in water, so it is often used as an alcoholic solution. The dye is destroyed when exposed to sunlight, as well as alkalinization.  Curcumin - rich natural dye yellow

The use of curcumin

Because curcumin get food additive E100, is used in the manufacture of margarine, cheese, butter, mayonnaise, yogurt. That curcumin products in colors of orange or yellow. Natural origin of the dye has won recognition and trust around the world. It is added to ready-to-bird seasonings, meat, fish, in confectionery, in some types of alcohol, as well as in cosmetics, flour products and canned.

Asians and ancient India turmeric is widely used in the economy, as well as use it for the production of medicaments.

Healing properties of curcumin

Modern scientists have proved that curcumin, except for the coloring properties, there are therapeutic. In Chinese medicine, it is used as a stimulant, tonic, sedative and styptic.

Regular use of curcumin helps moderate increase the protein concentration in the human cathelicidin. This protein has antimicrobial activity and helping the body deal with fungi, bacteria and viruses already at the first interaction with it.

It is useful to use this substance for migraine, gallstones, peptic ulcer and gastritis. According to scientists, the optimum for the treatment of peptic ulcers and gastritis is a daily dose at the rate of one hundred milligrams of curcumin per kilogram of body weight. So, with a weight of 70 kilograms a person should eat about seven grams of curcumin a day. Acting at the level of molecules of curcumin restores the balance of enzymes capable of suppressing inflammation and accelerate healing. Under the action of this natural dye activated collagen synthesis, the formation of new blood vessels. That is why many scientists believe that regular use of curcumin can replace drugs as well as eliminate the need for surgical intervention.

Researchers from Poland and Ireland have shown that curcumin kills cancer cells in the stomach and esophagus. They found that the compound kills cancer cells within a day after getting into the body and then begin to destroy the cancer cells themselves. Exciting research results gave scientists hope to build on the basis of high-quality natural curcumin anticancer drug for the treatment of cancer of the stomach and esophagus. Scientists have found that this substance by 60% slows the growth of cancer.

Curcumin is active against cancer and pancreatic, prostate and breast cancer.

Curcumin helps to speed up metabolism, resistant to pesticides. This substance has anti-viral, anti-arthritis, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It reduces inflammation and pain in arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

This natural antioxidant is able to normalize blood pressure, delaying the development of atherosclerosis.  Curcumin capsules

Curcumin is a strong enough antibiotic. Scientists have shown that the dye molecules to create a kind of force field resistance to various infections. The molecules embedded in the cell membranes, making them more streamlined and resistance to different pathogens.

Regular use of curcumin reduces cholesterol in blood plasma, and to inhibit platelet adhesion to vessel walls and prevents blood lipid.

Dye accelerates fat loss by inhibition of fatty acid generation and acceleration of their oxidation. Anti-inflammatory action of flavonoids due to its ability to absorb the COX-2 enzyme.

Undoubted benefit of the dye in the defeat of the heart and blood vessels in hypertension. In addition, curcumin has choleretic effect, it helps to reduce the gallbladder.

Methods for increasing the bioavailability of curcumin

Curcumin is known to be only partially absorbed by the human body. For better digestibility is best to use a substance with olive, vegetable oil. It is preferable to use a food additive in curcumin, which includes piperine - alkaloid of black pepper. Piperine increases the body's absorption of the dye in the two thousand percent.

Harm curcumin

A reasonable amount of curcumin is quite safe. Curcumin may cause harm to the body when excessive use. Every day is recommended to use no more than eight grams of curcumin.

The use of dye during pregnancy can cause the baby diathesis in the future. Damage curcumin in this case due to the fact that the substance is sufficiently strong allergen.