The drug Zokson tablets.
 Zokson - drugs used in urology.

Pharmacological action

Zokson improve urodynamics by acting on the prostate and bladder neck.

More Actions Zoksona is to reduce the pressure by reducing peripheral vascular resistance.

The active substance Zoksona - doxazosin.

Product form

Release tablets Zokson.


Zokson used to treat urinary disorders, which triggered benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Good reviews of Zoksone, which is used to treat high blood pressure in combination with ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, thiazide diuretics, beta-blockers or as monotherapy.

Instructions Zoksona: how to use

 Tablets Zokson with varying doses of the drug.
 Zokson advised to take at night or in the morning on an empty stomach. Chewable tablets should not be.

In heart failure, hypertension take prescribed medication at an initial dose of 1 mg / day. This is followed by the reaction of the patient and within 1-2 weeks the dose was increased to 2 mg and 4-8mg.

The maintenance dose is 2-4mg / day.

If the patient is hypotensive effect is insufficient Zoksona dosage can be increased to the maximum level - 16mg / day in therapy or enter other pressure reduction means

When the prostate gland hyperplasia Zokson administered in an initial dose of 1 mg / day. Thereafter, the dosage is increased if necessary up to 2-4mg / day, with an interval of 1-2 weeks. The maximum permissible dose - 8 mg / day, supporting - 2-4mg / day.

The instructions Zoksona indicated that reducing its dosage may be needed for patients with hepatic failure. Elderly patients or those suffering from chronic renal insufficiency to adjust the dose is not necessary.

side effects

During treatment, the drug could experience dizziness, insomnia, tachycardia, weakness, headache, fainting, irregular heartbeat, hematuria, drowsiness, hepatitis, blurred vision, jaundice, dry mouth, increased liver enzymes, rash, itching, hives, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, rhinitis, worsening of libido, chest pain, back, circulatory disorders of the brain.

There are reviews of Zoksone, calling in rare cases priapism (painful erection), incontinence.

If overdose is reduced pressure, which sometimes leads to fainting. The patient should be put, to lift his legs. Dialysis is considered ineffective.


Zokson of instruction is not suitable for allergy to its active ingredient. With care prescribe a drug to children, lactating, pregnant women, liver failure, aortic or mitral stenosis, orthostatic hypotension.

In appointing Zoksona take into account that the drug enhances the effect of drugs that reduce blood pressure. At the same time it can be combined with antibiotics, urikozuricheskimi and hypoglycemic agents.

The hypotensive effect of doxazosin may decrease estrogen nesteroidy in particular indometacin.