Zentel pills
 Zentel - anthelmintic and antiprotozoal (suppresses livelihoods protozoa) drug.

Pharmacological action

Zentel active against intestinal and tissue forms of the parasites, eggs, larvae and adult worms. The active ingredient of the drug - albendazole.

Application Zentel promotes disruption of glucose transport, functional disorders in the body helminth, followed by his death and removal from the human body.

After oral administration Zentel absorbed poorly, greatly enhances this process a fatty meal. Maximum concentration in the blood Zentel 2-5 hours after application. Displayed Zentel mainly through the intestine in the bile and in small quantities in the urine.

Indications Zentel

Prescribers Zentel manual recommends that you:

  • enterobioze (a parasitic disease caused by pinworms);
  • teniasis (disease affecting the small intestine, causing pork tapeworm);
  • hymenolepiasis (disorders of the nervous system and digestive disorder triggered by the defeat of the body tapeworms);
  • ankilostomidoze (agents act hookworm or American hookworm);
  • ascariasis (a disease caused by Ascaris, affects the lungs and intestines);
  • clonorchiasis (chronic bot that attacks the pancreas, gall bladder and bile ducts);
  • trihotsefaleze (helminth whipworm provoked intoxication and defeat of the intestine);
  • olistorhoze (a disease caused by parasitic flatworms, affects the pancreas and liver);
  • giardiasis in children (pathogens are microorganisms of the family of the simplest - giardia);
  • cutaneous syndrome Larva Migrans (crimped inflammation on the skin caused by the larvae of nematodes);
  • cystic echinococcosis (developed in the liver, lungs and other organs and cystic formations unit that provoke larval tapeworms);
  • gepatikoleze (parasitic disease, which is expressed in the development of hepatitis and its complications related);
  • neurocysticercosis (central nervous system caused by cestodes);
  • gnathostomiasis (bot, which is characterized by swelling, dermatitis, education units under the skin, damage the eyes, lungs, central nervous system);
  • toxocarosis (provoked nematodes disease characterized by bronchitis, fever, pneumonia, eosinophilia);
  • trichinosis (a parasitic disease, which manifests itself in the form of fever, muscle pain, swelling of the face, skin rashes, increased numbers of eosinophils in the blood).

Zentel, reviews confirm effective against all these parasitic diseases.

Instructions for use Zentel

Zentel available in tablet form and oral suspension. Take Zentel be at one and the same time during the meal. Reviews Zentel and instruction is recommended to repeat the treatment, if after three weeks of treatment, clinical improvement has not come.

The recommended single dose for adults and children older than three years is usually 400 mg of albendazole, which corresponds to 1 tablet Zentel. When hookworm, enterobioze, askardoze, necatoriasis and trihotsefaleze Zentel 400 mg taken once.

According to the instructions Zentel at strongiloidoze, hymenolepiasis, temnoze should take 400 mg per day for three days.

When hymenolepiasis in the interval from 10 to 21 days after the course is recommended to repeat the treatment. Application Zentel twice daily at 400 mg for 3 days and expedient at opistarhoze clonorchiasis. The same dose is taken once a day for 1-3 days in cutaneous syndrome Larva Migrans.

When giardiasis in children 3-12 years, while maintaining the dose and dosing frequency, duration of use Zentel increased to 5 days. Children 2-3 years are designated the same dose as adults in similar diseases, only a suspension of 10 ml which corresponds to 400 mg of albendazole.

Once a day 1 tablet Zentel for 10 days while taking gepatikoleze and for 10-20 days - during gnathostomiasis. Treatment toksakaroza and trichinosis Zentel involves the use of twice a day for two tablets for 5-10 days. The efficacy of this dosing regimen is confirmed reviews of Zentel and therapeutic practice.

Prolonged use in high doses Zentel involves taking the drug several courses, usually with a two-week break.

 Zentel suspension
 When cystic echinococcosis, inoperable or multiple cysts Zentel application is designed for a four-week course, which can be repeated up to three times. When alviolyarnom echinococcosis treatment with Zentel can last months or years, subject to alternations four-week course and two-week break. For 7 - 30 days of taking Zentel instruction recommends that neurocysticercosis.

For patients with a body weight exceeding 60 kg, usually administered 400 mg twice daily. Patients with less weight Zentel daily dose, calculated on the two stages is calculated by multiplying the 15 mg dose by the number of kilograms, while the maximum permissible daily dose should not exceed 800 mg. Children under 6 years of age to take high doses of the drug Zentel instruction is not recommended.

side effects

Adverse effects of the drug Zentel reviews and clinical studies include headache, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, hives, rashes, itching.

Also, the use Zentel can cause reversible hair loss, fever, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, leukopenia, elevated liver enzymes, hepatitis.

Contraindications Zentel

Zentel not assigned to conceive, bear a child, and lactating women. Application Zentel contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to albendazole, and children up to 1 year. Children 1-3 years only allowed to use the drug in the form of a slurry.

Additional Information

According to the instructions, Zentel considered fit for over 5 years, subject to storage in a place where the temperature does not exceed 25 0 FROM.