Zener is an antibacterial indicated for the treatment of acne.

Pharmacological action

Zener has antimicrobial, antiviral, regenerative and komedonoliticheskimi (removes the "black spots" on the face) properties.

The preparation Zinerit are two active components - erythromycin, has a bacteriostatic effect on microorganisms that trigger the formation of acne, and zinc acetate, which reduces the production of sebum. The effectiveness of the complex relationship of these two substances in the treatment of acne is confirmed by numerous reviews of the Zener.


Use Zinerit guide recommends for acne, are resistant to the effects of cosmetic and obschegigienicheskih funds.

Instructions for use Zinerit

Zener produced in the form of a lotion and a powder for solution. The drug is intended for outdoor use.

Before use, the solvent is poured into the vial with the powder, and then thoroughly shaken. Zener acne should be applied with an applicator a thin layer to the affected skin, while tilting the bottle and lightly pressed on it. According to the instructions, Zener should be applied twice a day - in the morning before the cosmetic procedures, and in the evening after washing. The recommended single dose of the drug - about 0, 5 ml. Number of drug Zinerit proportional to the force pressing on the applicator. Duration of treatment - 10-12 weeks. The effect of the Zener, reviews confirm noticeable after 2 weeks of use.

 Zener acne

side effects

Since the active ingredients of the drug hardly reaches the systemic circulation, Zener can be a cause of adverse reactions at the site of application: dry skin, irritation, burning sensation.

Reviews Zinerit suggest that these adverse events are rare and have mild symptoms, so the withdrawal of the drug is needed.


According to the instructions, Zinerit should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to macrolides, particularly erythromycin, ethanol, zinc and diizopril sebacate. Using Zener acne during pregnancy and lactation is not prohibited.

Additional Information

Zinerit will fit in 3 years if stored at the temperature corresponding to 15-25 0 FROM.

Zinerit analogues

Due to its composition similar substances, zinc supplements to the passport + Erythromycin has the same pharmacological properties, indications and contraindications for use as Zener.

For the treatment of acne can be used such Zinerit counterparts as Skineron, Klenzit andapalen, Baziron, Retinoic ointment. Before you apply Zinerit counterparts, carefully read the instructions for each of them and choose the best option.