Zenalk - a dietary supplement.  The drug Zenalk capsules.

Pharmacological action Zenalka

The drug can dramatically slow the rate of oxidation of toxic atseldegida alcohol due to its unique enzyme. He successfully prevents the accumulation of toxic substances in the internal organs, for the most part by the liver. Due to the action of the drug the body almost completely recycles all sorts of poisonous and harmful products that can be formed, and are formed by the decomposition of alcohol. With Zenalka, reviews confirm this, we can get rid of all unpleasant symptoms of alcohol poisoning in the form of headaches, irritability and aggression, including other symptoms of a hangover.

At the core lies Zenalka correction of man's relationship to the reception of alcohol, and not a ban on the use. It is noted that after the course of reception of biologically active additives, the person is guaranteed to be consumed much less alcohol than it was before.

Zenalk has antioxidant, antibacterial, choleretic and immunomodulating properties. Analyzing reviews Zenalke, we can confidently say that it contributes to the healing process in the body.

The composition of the drug and the release form

Zenalk refers to herbal remedies, it is made in India. As part of the supplements only natural ingredients, including extracts of grape, chicory, embliki drug, Andrographis paniculate, the fruit of the date palm, terminals belerica.

The grapes contain polyphenol compounds and flavonoids, which have strong antioxidant effect. The result of this action is to stabilize the metabolism, impaired by drinking alcohol.

Chicory reduces immunotoxic effects of alcohol, improves digestion.

Zenalk Available in capsules, 10 pcs. packaged.

Indications Zenalka

 The capsules of the drug Zenalk.
 Zenalk recommended for people who plan to drink alcohol in moderation to avoid the symptoms of intoxication the next day.

Showed Zenalk for use and to prevent the desire opohmelitsya morning. In addition, it reduces the probability of failure (binge), restores the internal organs that have been damaged by alcohol.

Helps Zenalk when consuming alcoholic beverages of doubtful quality, as well as when they are mixed.


The only, but very important contraindication to the use of the drug is an idiosyncrasy of any component additives.

Dosing Zenalka

It is recommended to take the drug as follows: 2 capsules 30 minutes before alcohol and 2 capsules immediately after the feast. If to take intoxicating drinks reception Zenalk not work, then it can be done at any time at the table already.

Conditions and terms

Keep no longer than 3 years in a dry, protected from light and away from children.