Zalain cream
 Zalain - for the treatment of fungal diseases

Pharmacological action

Zalain - means for the topical treatment of fungus.

The active substance acts sertaconazole, through which the drug has fungistatic, fungicidal activity against a large number of yeast and fungi.

Sertaconazole prevents the proliferation of fungi, provokes damage to cells and their destruction.

Because of the complex influence decreases the risk of microbial resistance to the drug and the likelihood of relapse.

Product form

Producing Zalain cream and suppositories Zalain.


Zalain cream is indicated for the treatment of cutaneous mycoses: trichophytosis skin on the face, pityriasis versicolor, tinea groin, athlete's foot, shin, ringworm smooth skin, hands, candida infection of the skin.

Zalain vaginal suppositories used for topical treatment of infections of the vaginal mucosa, provoked sensitive to the action of microorganisms (including vaginal candidiasis, vaginal mixed infections). Possible to employ Zalain pregnancy on these indications.

Instructions for use Zalain

According to the instructions Zalain cream is applied 1-2r / day for as long as is necessary for the disappearance of symptoms.

In order to avoid relapse even better to continue treatment for at least two weeks after the clinical manifestations of wasted. To begin therapy as early as possible after the first symptoms of the disease were found.

Cream should be applied on the affected area of ​​the skin, and the skin area around the lesion fungus.

 Zalain candles
 Candles are administered vaginally at night when lying down, as far as possible - one p / day. During menstruation, the drug can be used. Zalain used during pregnancy, not adjusting the dosage.

Judging by the reviews of Zalain to recover enough of the introduction. In the case of relapse, re-enter a candle in a week.

side effects

Reviews Zalain generally positive, systemic side effect of the drug does not cause, only occasionally mentioned the appearance of transient erythema (cancellation funds are not required).

According to the instructions Zalain in its application should not be used for hygiene soaps, detergents with acidic pH.


The tool is not used in case of hypersensitivity to its components, imidazole derivatives.