Xymelin Spray
 simelin - local vasoconstrictor agent for ENT diseases.

Pharmacological action

The active substance is xylometazoline Xymelin who has the ability to constrict the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa, thereby eliminating congestion and swelling.

The therapeutic properties of the preparation ksilometazolina Xymelin Eco enhanced by the presence in it of another component - levomenthol.

The structure Xymelin Extra, besides ksilometazolina, also includes ipratropium bromide, the effect of which is to reduce the secretion of the glands of the nasal mucosa. Xymelin, reviews confirm facilitates the nasal breathing in various types of rhinitis.

Effect of the drug can be observed within a few minutes after application, the therapeutic effect Xymelin persists for 10-12 hours, and Xymelin Extra - 6-8 hours.

Indications Xymelin

Instructions Xymelin and Xymelin Extra recommended for:

  • acute respiratory diseases, one of which is the manifestation of rhinitis;
  • acute allergic rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • otitis media in order to reduce nasal congestion;
  • Eustace;
  • hay fever;
  • preparation for manipulations in the nasal passages of a diagnostic nature.


Xymelin spray, and other forms of product should not be used in patients suffering:

  • hypertension;
  • severe atherosclerosis;
  • tachycardia;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • atrophic rhinitis;
  • glaucoma;
  • hypersensitivity.

The drug is 0, 01% is not administered to children under 6 years and Xymelin children - under the age of 2 years.

Be wary of Xymelin reviews and guide advised pregnant and nursing women, as well as those suffering from diabetes.

Instructions for use Xymelin

All preparations Xymelin intended for intranasal (nose) application: gel drops, children, spray, spray for children metered spray, spray dosage for children metered spray with menthol and eucalyptus.

Before using the manual recommends Xymelin clear nasal passages. The drug should not be used more than three times a day, one week or longer.

 Xymelin drops
 Xymelin drops 0, 1% is recommended for children older than 6 years and adults - 2-3 drops are designed for single instillation into one nostril. Spray Xymelin 0, 1% is used 1-2 times per day rate of 1 injection in one nostril.

Xymelin children represented drops of 0, 05% and spray 0, 05%. Xymelin children administered to patients aged 2-6 years. Children 1-2 drops of the drug administered 1-2 times a day. Xymelin spray 0, 05% is with the same frequency as the drops, 1 injection into each nasal passage.

Extra Xymelin prescribed for adults 1-3 times daily for 1 injection. Without consulting a doctor drug should not be used longer than 10 days.

Side effects

Although Xymelin ratings characterize how well tolerated the drug, prolonged use of the drug can cause dryness and irritation of the nasopharynx, tingling, burning, increased secretion, sneezing, edema.

Systemic adverse reaction to the drug user to Xymelin include:

  • headache, insomnia, dizziness, blurred vision, emotional lability;
  • hypertension, arrhythmia, tachycardia;
  • vomiting, epistaxis, rhinorrhea (persistent watery nasal discharge), angioedema.

Additional Information

Keep Xymelin instructions recommended in the room where the temperature does not drop below 15 0 C and not higher than 25 0 Xymelin C. Shelf life - 2 years, Xymelin Extra - 3 years.