Watercress - grass cruciferous
 Watercress - is an annual herb that belongs to the family of cruciferous. People this salad is known since ancient times. Yes, and it is rich in history no less than the composition of minerals and vitamins.

Useful properties of watercress disclosed even in ancient Roman and Greek chronicles. For example, according to Hippocrates, the properties of watercress help to return the power of life and purify the blood. Ancient Egyptians treated frigidity in women and men with oil, which is obtained from the leaves of lettuce. In Europe, the grass appeared only in the Middle Ages, and it has received a special distribution in Germany.

There are some kinds of cress, which include plants with curly, cut and whole leaves. It depends on the type of leaf lettuce during ripening.

By the early ripening varieties of cress include planting, it is known most of all, because it has large leaves. Are different, and leaf color - from yellow-green and green to bluish.

At watercress rather piquant flavor that is particularly spicy. It grows very quickly salad, and in the spring he appears much earlier than other vegetables, because he is not afraid of freezing.

The use of watercress

All varieties of cress are almost identical chemical composition, which can be characterized only minor differences. Combinations of vitamins with a host of other nutrients very well, which explains the usefulness of watercress. Thus, the plant comprises a vitamin B, E, D, PP, A, G, K, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, magnesium. Enough high content in watercress and proteins, essential oils, carbohydrates, sugars, lepidine alkaloid, glycoside propsolina, fatty oils and flavonoids.

 Broadleaf watercress
 Useful properties of watercress with regular use ensures the improvement of appetite, reduction in the rate of blood pressure, excretion of toxins, regulate the digestive system. Traditional medicine uses a salad for a long time as an anti-inflammatory and general tonic.

There have been and wound healing, expectorant, diuretic, protivosklerotichnye and soothing properties. But thanks to the antioxidant properties of watercress is able to deal with depressive states and improving sleep.

Official medicine has begun to recommend the inclusion of watercress in the diet recently, explaining the decision in that it can be used to warn a lot of eye diseases, and reduce the chance of developing cancer.

Traditional medicine recommends the use of the leaves of watercress in the treatment of burns, ulcers, wounds and skin diseases, as well as colds, joint pain and gallstones.

Watercress is also used as an aid in the treatment of cancer and prostatitis. Traditional healers are advised to take the men to eat unripe seeds of the plants or their alcohol tincture, because it was thought that because of this, you can significantly increase sexual activity.

Modern medicine says the presence of watercress substances that provide the structure integrity of the blood cells, which means that the use of lettuce is significantly reduced the likelihood of developing cancer cells.

From the roots, leaves and seeds of watercress prepare various infusions, decoctions and tinctures. And, using dried leaves make butter. Effective treatment of acne pustules and used slurry of chopped green salad, which is applied and fixed with bandages on the affected areas.

Fresh juice of watercress helps dandruff, for this you just need to rub into the scalp. When you add the juice into the water when taking a bath, you can get rid of many skin problems.

Inside it is recommended to use watercress when peeling and redness of the skin, mastitis, edema and prostate. The maximum efficiency of the procedure will be, if at the same time it compresses with chopped herbs on problem areas.

It is used with a cold salad and a mustard plaster, which should be used instead of mustard powder, made from the seeds of cress.

For topical use or ointment, which is made from the seeds, or the oil, prepared using seeds. Ointment can be prepared independently from the roots and dried leaves or cress, which need to grind into a powder and mixed in a ratio of 1: 3 with Vaseline or grease, but the oil must be bought. Instead of juice salad perfect decoctions and infusions, which are prepared from both the dry and fresh leaves. To prepare the infusion, you need to take 2 tablespoons. l. dry and 3 tbsp. l. fresh leaves, then pour them a glass of boiling water. After two hours, the mixture that will hold in a thermos or a warm place, the infusion is ready.

For the decoction of leaves of watercress need to bring to a boil over low heat for 5-7 minutes to boil, then cool. Take a chilled broth needed a third cup in case tormented anxiety or insomnia. Hot broth is useful in a strong cough or bronchitis.

It is noted that the daily eating watercress can improve sleep and reduce the devastating effects of stress on the body. The high content of iodine in a salad can maintain normal thyroid gland, as well as prevent the development of various endocrine diseases. In combination with lettuce juice diets are quite effective, contributing to weight loss.

For the prevention of various dental diseases it is recommended to eat the young green or germinated seeds of lettuce daily.

Widely used useful properties of watercress in cosmetics, for which suitable and juice plants and oil.

It has long been used in salad cooking, especially his chosen chef in Western Europe.

Harm watercress

On the dangers of the plant almost nothing is known, but notes that the negative effects may still be in the case of failure of individual product, it can be expressed in a variety of allergic reactions.