Water dill

 Again dill water - the essential oil of fennel or dill
 Water dill - a treatment for gastrointestinal diseases on the plant basis.

Pharmacological action

Dill water is based on the essential oil of fennel pharmacy (fennel) or dill, and purified water.

Tool relieves muscle spasm of the intestine, thus allowing accumulated gases to come out. Dill water is especially effective for newborns, who pronounced flatulence during the first 4-6 months of life.

Also this water possesses antimicrobial properties, improves the digestion process.

Product form

Manufactures products in bottles 100ml. The ratio of the components: one portion of the ether oil to 1000 parts of purified water.

Water dill can be made at home, why take a teaspoon dill seed or 2-3gr. crushed fennel fruit, brew cup of boiling water, one hour to brew. When you only need to strain through cheesecloth and the resulting broth is added to the pure food newborn. It is also noted that of the home remedies more effective water-based fruits of fennel - it will act on the child's body.

According to the instructions dill water manufactured under sterile conditions, which is especially important in view of the treatment means of newborns with unstable digestion.

Since provide complete sterility in the home is almost impossible, you can use the analogy of water dill, produced by the pharmaceutical industry - a drug "Plantex", which is also made from the fruit of fennel, "Espumizan", "Sub-Simplex".


Apply water dill for newborns to improve the functionality of the intestine, reducing flatulence and get rid of painful stomach cramps.

Instructions for use and dosage of water dill

 Water dill
 According to the instructions given by the water dill children 3-6 p / day.

Dosage dill water - 1 tablespoon at a time.

For newborns dill water mixed into the breast expressed breast milk or formula feeding.

Dill water for infants administered after 2 weeks of age.

The ability to use unique dill water, the dosage should be discussed with the pediatrician, who has observed the child.

Side effects

No data on the occurrence of adverse effects after treatment.


Contraindications in the use of dill water for babies is not revealed.