Cream Vitaskin
 Vitaskin - a series of cosmetic tools for complex skin care.

Pharmacological actions Vitaskin

Medical cosmetics Vitaskin are of high quality, since only the highest quality components for modern equipment.

The collection of products includes cosmetic tonics, lotions, creams and capsules Vitaskin. All media differ in the type of skin for which they are intended, and by the form of care which can be basic or special.

The brand is represented Vitaskin 4 lines for skin care:

1. VITASKIN BASIC (or white line). All products in this series contain different concentrations of vitamins A, B6 and E. The product is suitable for any skin type.

2. VITASKIN BIOVITAL. This is the line that will make pleasant and trouble-free care for mature skin.

3. VITASKIN REGENERATIVE (or pink line). Regular use of the cosmetic series can slow sorts of age-related changes of the skin and maintain its youthful appearance.

4. VITASKIN BODY CARE (or blue). It includes tools to help to care for the body.

5. VITASKIN MAN. In this line includes cosmetics for men.

Indications and applications Vitaskin

Cream Vitaskin has different effects depending on the line to which it belongs. In any case, regardless of affiliation cream (for hands or face), a small amount should be applied to clean skin massage movements. Vitaskin cream provides the skin with hydration, nutrition, rejuvenation and accelerates cell regeneration and helps restore elasticity.

The lotion of the brand is an antiseptic, it should be applied on clean face. Designed Vitaskin drug, reviews confirm it, to care for acne prone and oily skin. In the men's series further includes a lotion that softens skin after shaving.

Among the drugs available and Vitaskin gel that has different indications for use. For example, a cream-gel in a series of body helps to get rid of cellulite, as enriched with various vitamins, minerals, vegetable oils and proteins. Also there is a gel that is designed for the skin around the eyes. With cleansing exfoliating gel of the white line can be removed from the skin surface dead cells.

Milk Vitaskin from the baseline is designed to clean young as normal or dry and sensitive skin. With such a milk can clean pores, remove the remnants of makeup and impurities. Also, milk gives the skin elasticity, creaminess and freshness.

Tonic from the base series Vitaskin, reviews of people using the drug, it is confirmed, gives the skin firmness and elasticity. Designed for the preparation of mixed, oily and normal skin. To care for sensitive skin tonic suits "Extra gentle", which does not contain alcohol.  The vials Vitaskin

The vials Vitaskin assigned to the normalization of the sebaceous glands, reduce inflammation and acne treatment have emerged. Recommended preparation for oily, irritated or sensitive skin.

The vials contain Vitaskin in its composition fairly high concentration of bioactive substances are quickly absorbed into the skin. The properties of these substances does not change due to sterility, which is provided in ampoules containing the drug. The vials with collagen help to slow the aging process, improve skin elasticity and firmness.

Contraindications Vitaskin

Only contraindication to Vitaskin can only be hypersensitivity to any component that is contained in the preparation. You also need to clearly stick to age recommendations prescribed in the instructions Vitaskin.

Side effects

Preparations brand Vitaskin can cause allergic reactions, the manifestation of which is immediately to abandon their use.