Makrovit - vitamin complex.

Pharmacological action

Makrovit contain important vitamins for the body elements without which it is impossible to develop a variety of biochemical processes.

Without vitamin B group can not be metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, the work of the nervous system. Vitamin A is involved in the production of visual pigment epithelial cells.

Vitamin D helps absorption of calcium and the correct mineralization of teeth, bone. Vitamin C is involved in the oxidation, reduction processes, accelerates the absorption of iron. Vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant, protects the functional ability of the cells.

Product form

Producing Makrovit as lozenges.

Indications vitamins Makrovit

Vitamins Makrovit mostly welcome: in cases of increased need for vitamins: excessive physical and mental stress, poor appetite, diet, monotonous and irregular meals, pregnancy, breast-feeding, lack of seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Makrovit not be taken if you are sensitive to containing vitamins, are not recommended for children up to 6L, children with fructose intolerance, glucose congenital galactose malabsorption syndrome, glucose, or sucrase isomaltase deficiency.

Take vitamins Makrovit with diabetes can, but it should be borne in mind that in the 1st lozenge contains 0, 67gr sugar.

Take during lactation, pregnancy Makrovit possible only after consultation with the attending physician.

We can not allow Makrovit combination with other multivitamins to avoid overdose of the active ingredients.

There are reviews of Makrovit indicating that the dye E110, a part of patients with aspirin intolerance provokes increased sensitivity, manifested in the form of an asthmatic component.

At the speed of mental, physical reactions adverse effect of the drug has not.

Instructions for use of vitamins Makrovit

 Vitamins Makrovit

Children 6-10l. take one, two Makrovit lozenges per day. Children and adults after 10l take 2-3 lozenges / day. Swallow the right vitamins are not recommended, they should hold in the mouth until dissolved.

Take complex Makrovit necessary for 20-30 days. A second course can be made only on the advice of a physician.

side effects

There are reviews of Makrovit, that it rarely causes side effects, but sometimes there is an allergic reaction (should stop taking vitamins).

Another side effect is a discoloration Makrovit urine - it becomes bright yellow in color, due to the presence in the complex of riboflavin (vitamin B2).

Prolonged use Makrovit high doses can cause hypervitaminosis D, A. Besides, a vitamin complex contains glycerol, which is in excess of the recommended dose may cause headache, diarrhea.