Gendevit - a multivitamin, affecting tissue metabolism.

Pharmacological action

Action Gendevit vitamins due to its constituent vitamins - B group vitamins A, E, C, R.

The drug is effective thanks to adjust the proportions of vitamins and their synergistic effect.

There are positive reviews of Gendevite, use by pregnant and nursing women, as it is able to provide their daily requirement of vitamins.

One Gendevita pills contain vitamin A 0, 001gr, thiamine bromide 0, 00194, vitamin B2 - 0, 0015gr, vitamin Bp - 10mkg, vitamin Bc - 0, 0005gr, vitamin PP - 0, 01gr, calcium pantothenate - 0, 003gr, vitamin Wb - 0, 002gr, vitamin C - 0, 075gr, vitamin E - 0, 005gr, vitaminaO2 - 250ME.

Product form

Vitamins Gendevit discharged in the form of pellets.

Indications vitamins Gendevit

Instructions Gendevita contains the following indications for the use of vitamins:

  • vitamin deficiencies;
  • rehabilitation after an illness of various heavy psycho-emotional, physical exertion;
  • pregnancy, lactation - to improve metabolism and prevention of vitamin A deficiency.

Instructions for use Gendevita

 Gendevit vitamins
 To prevent hypovitaminosis adults take pills for 1-2pcs / day.

The treatment recommended in the instructions Gendevita - 20-30dn. Repeat rate is possible only on the advice of a doctor, in one to three months.

Gendevit take usually after a meal.

side effects

Reviews Gendevite mostly good, but may cause a variety of allergic reactions: itching, skin rashes, angioedema.

Due to the fact that Gendevite contains riboflavin (B2), the urine may be colored yellow.


Application Gendevita contraindicated if the patient is found hypersensitivity to one of the vitamins that make up the drug.

Precautions should be taking vitamins at a peptic ulcer gastrointestinal tract, liver damage.

It does not take Gendevit simultaneously with other vitamin complexes.

Application Gendevita pregnancy is possible, but because of the content of vitamin E complex which in large quantities is dangerous to the fetus, it should be mandatory to consult with the attending gynecologist pregnancy, and if necessary, choose another drug.

In the application of vitamins should follow the dosage indicated in the instructions, or recommended by a physician. Violation regimen should immediately inform your doctor.