Nicotinamide formula
 Nicotinamide - vitamin preparation.

Pharmacological action

Nicotinamide - Vitamin B3 is to help the digestive system to function involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, which supports the skin, nervous system, pancreas healthy. Without nicotinamide impossible the production of gastric juice and bile, red blood cells, it controls the level of glucose, and improves the production of sex hormones and brain activity.

Basically, a deficiency of vitamin nicotinamide expressed that disrupts sleep and memory, the skin condition. Most often it is experienced athletes, pregnant and breastfeeding women, smokers, those who suffer from alcoholism and various chronic diseases, in compliance with a strict diet.

The daily adult requirement of nicotinamide: adults - 20 mg, with heavy physical exertion - 25mg, children-1d 6m - 6mg, aged 1-1, 5g - 9mg, 1 5-2g - 10mg, 3-4g - 12mg, 5 -6l - 13mg, 7-10l - 15mg, 11-13l -19mg. For boys 14-17l need for vitamin B3 is 21mg per day for girls of the same age - 18mg.

Product form

Nicotinamide release tablets and solution.

Indications for use of nicotinamide

Nicotinamide on instructions used in pellagra, gastritis with low acidity, chronic inflammation of the colon, hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver.

The good effect is observed after administration of vitamin nicotinamide with diabetes first type. It was noted that patients require a lower dose of insulin if they take vitamin B3.

In osteoarthritis vitamin improves joint mobility and reduces pain.

Nicotinamide also used to treat psychotic disorders and schizophrenia.


Nicotinamide on the instructions are not prescribed for angina, sustained hypertension, hypersensitivity.

For the prevention of fatty liver degeneration vitamin B3 it is recommended to combine with methionine and products containing this amino acid.

Instructions for use of nicotinamide

 Vitamin Nicotinamide
 Nicotinamide is administered subcutaneously, intravenously, intramuscularly and taken orally.

To prevent adult 15-25mg provide funds for children - 5-10mg one or two p / day.

For the treatment of pellagra adults appoint nicotinamide taken orally 3-4r 50-100mg / day, children - 2-3r 10-50mg / day for 15-20dn. For other diseases adults take 20-50mg, children are given 2-3r 5-10mg / day.

Vitamin can be used as a standalone tool and as part of various drugs: lidevin, oftan Katahrom, miosprey, koamid, perneksin elixir gepasteril A and B, Essentiale, yunienzaym

side effects

Nicotinamide can cause allergies in case of individual intolerance.

If you take a vitamin for a long time and in high doses can provoke a fatty liver.