Vinylinum - drug antiseptic action, which is used for the treatment of wounds and ulcers.

Pharmacological action

Vinylinum has a bacteriostatic effect, accelerates the recovery process of the skin, mucous membrane, effectively heals wounds.

For internal use Vinylinum acts as a coating, anti-inflammatory agent.

The active substance Vinylinum - polivinoks.

Product form

Producing Vinylinum balm (Shostakovskiy) Vinylinum solution and capsules.

Indications Vinylinum

Vinylinum Balm is indicated for external use in carbuncles, trophic ulcers, boils, mastitis, festering wounds, soft tissue injuries, frostbite, burns, inflammatory skin diseases, dermatitis.

Vinylinum balm Shostakovskiy topically applied in pure form and as an oil solution of 20%, including in conjunction with other means compatible with the drug - pastes, lotions, ointments.

According to the instructions Vinylinum possible inner its application - in the treatment of erosive and ulcerative diseases of the stomach, duodenum, for the treatment of chronic gastritis aggravated in patients with increased secretion of the stomach.

Instructions for use Vinylinum

For external use Vinylinum moistened wipes and ointment applied to the affected surface.

 Vinylinum Balm Shostakovskiy
 For internal use Vinylinum a balm appoint one p / day in the evening 5-6 hours after dinner (preferably light). The scheme treatment of gastric ulcer, gastritis with increased secretion expressed heartburn: the first day of treatment take one ch.lozhku balm, and the next - on the 1st dessert spoon. The average course of treatment according to the instructions Vinylinum - 16-20 days, depending on the disease.

The treatment regimen Vinylinum capsules - in the 1st take three capsules a day, after - 5 pieces. Drink them through 5-6ch after eating. Duration of treatment - 18-20dn.

When colitis, dysentery practiced administration of balm through retroskop of 25-40ml. The course of treatment according to the instructions Vinylinum lasts 3-9 days.

Side effects

The only side effects after using Vinylinum - allergic reactions.

Contraindications Vinylinum

Vinylinum not indicated for children, during pregnancy, diseases of kidneys, gallbladder, liver, and during lactation.

Also not shown balm if the patient you are hypersensitive to its components.