Vilprafen Soljutab
 Vilprafen - antiparasitic, antimicrobial agent.

Pharmacological action

Vilprafen - is a macrolide antibiotic with a bacteriostatic, bactericidal properties.

It is active against some of chlamydia and mycoplasma, ureaplasma, legionella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, diphtheria, gonorrhea, meningococcal, peptokokki, peptostreptokokki, Hib, pertussis bacillus, Treponema pallidum.

The active substance vilprafen - Josamycin

Product form

Vilprafen released in the form of tablets and suspension. There are tablets containing 500mg tablets is josamycin Vilprafen Soljutab where the active substance contained 1000mg. The suspension contains 300mg Vilprafen josamycin.


Indications for use in tablets and Vilprafen Vilprafen Soljutab the same, they are administered for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of infectious nature, caused by organisms sensitive to the antibiotic for the treatment of ENT infections, upper, lower respiratory tract, diphtheria, infections of the oral cavity, skin, soft tissue, urinary tract, genitals.

There are reviews of Vilprafene, its effectiveness in the treatment of mikoplazmnyh, Chlamydia, genital mixed infections, urinary tract.

Instructions for use vilprafen

 Recommended dosage instructions vilprafen - 1-2g for children over 14L, adults. The daily dose Vilprafen Soljutab and vilprafen usually divided into two or three times.

As indicated in the instructions for the treatment of chlamydia vilprafen urogenitelnogo prescribed 500mg 2 p / day - 12-14dney .; for the treatment of rosacea is used the same dosage, but the therapy takes 10-15days. Pyoderma Treatment lasts 10 days - 500 mg two p / day of chronic periodontitis - 12-14dney the same scheme.

WHO-recommended treatment of streptococcal infections - not more than 10 days.

Tablets Vilprafen take, not liquid, between meals, drinking a small amount of liquid.

For children under instructions Vilprafen 14L give a suspension based on the body weight: 30-50mg per kilogram body weight. This daily dose is also divided into three portions.

side effects

Vilprafen can cause nausea, heartburn, goiter, diarrhea, vomiting. There are reviews of Vilprafene, cause jaundice, loss of appetite, disturbance of outflow of bile.

There are isolated cases of urticaria after taking antibiotics.

In some cases, may cause candidiasis, and from hearing disorders may be transient, depending on the applied dose.

Contraindications and application vilprafen during pregnancy

Vilprafen not prescribed for severe violations of the liver, the availability of sensitivity to macrolides.

Vilprafen during pregnancy, while breast-feeding is prescribed for special reasons. There WHO recommendation for the ability to Vilprafen during pregnancy for the treatment of chlamydial infections.

Do not engage in co-administration with tsefalosparinami josamycin and penicillin, lincomycin.

Also be aware that the simultaneous use of vilprafen with antihistamines, which include those present astemizole, terfenadine may cause dangerous cardiac arrhythmias.

Macrolides may adversely affect the efficacy of hormonal contraceptives, so the appointment vilprafen recommended additional use non-hormonal methods of contraception.

May increase the amount of digoxin in plasma while its application to josamycin.