Tablets Vikasol
 Vikasol refers to the group of vitamins, obtained synthetically. An analogue of vitamin K.

Pharmacological action

Natural water-soluble analogue of vitamin K obtained by laboratory methods. It takes part in the formation of prothrombin. Normalizes blood clotting. Lack of vitamin K conducts to increased bleeding.

Product form

Vikasol produced in powder, tablets of 0, 015 g in 1 ml ampoules with a 1% solution.

Indications vikasol

Application vikasol expedient in the following cases:

- Jaundice, which develops as a result of delays in the collection of bile into the intestine;

- Capillary and parenchymal hemorrhage;

- Bleeding, which occur in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;

- Thrombocytopenic purpura;

- radiation sickness;

- Constant nasal and hemorrhoid bleeding.

According to the instructions, Vikasol prescribed to pregnant women in the last trimester for the prevention of bleeding in newborns.

Perhaps the use of menadione in neonates haemorrhagic disease (increased bleeding).

Injections and pills Vikasol prescribed for juvenile uterine and dysfunctional uterine bleeding before puberty and in pre-menopausal.

Application vikasol advisable in the case of tuberculosis bleeding, septic diseases, reducing bleeding, the use of anticoagulants, vitamin K antagonists, fenilina, neodikumarina and other drugs with a similar action.

Purpose solution for injection and tablets vikasol hemophilia and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura does not bring the desired therapeutic effect.

Instructions for use and dose vikasol

 Vikasol solution
 Tablets vikasol taken orally. The solution for injection administered intramuscularly. The average dose for adults: tablets vikasol 0, 015 to 0, 3 g per day; injection of 0, 01 to 0, 015, the maximum permissible dose for adults: vikasol pills at a time no more than 0, 03 g per day - no more than 0, 06 g; intramuscular injections at most 0, 015 g per injection and not more than 0 03 g per day.

Perhaps the use of menadione children up to one year. In this case, the permissible daily dose of 0, 002 to 0, 005 children up to three years to take Vikasol possible dose of 0, 006 grams, aged between 3 and 4 years of age - 0, 008 g, in 5-9 years can be designate by 0, 01 g vikasol from 10 to 14 years 0, 015 g daily dose divided into two or three doses, taken according to the instructions Vikasol three or four consecutive days, then make a four-day break and repeat the course again.

Vikasol dose for infants shall not exceed 0, 004 grams.

Vikasol appoint women in childbirth at a daily dose for adults at a time when labor does not occur, then it is advisable to use vikasol at 12 and 24 hours.

side effects

The instructions to vikasol the possible side effects. These include:

- Hypervitaminosis of Vitamin K, whereby there is an increase of prothrombin and thrombin, bilirubin;

- Morning sickness in children, which is manifested in the form of seizures.

Contraindications vikasol

Vikasol contraindicated in increased blood clotting and thrombosis (blood clots).

Vikasol menstruation

Vikasol menstruation has the ability to reduce the amount of bleeding if they are abundant. But Vikasol menstruation does not always bring the desired effect. Therefore it is not recommended to take Vikasol menstruation yourself, you must be examined by a gynecologist. It should be remembered that Vikasol may appoint a doctor.