Vibrocil - nasal spray
 Vibrocil used to treat colds

Pharmacological action

Vibrocil - drug, reduces swelling and inflammation of the mucous membranes. Both quick and effective means for treating vasoconstrictive nasal mucosa, has anti-allergic properties.

Vibrocil - this agent for topical application, its effect is not dependent on the number of its active substances in the patient's blood.

Product form

Producing Vibrocil drops, gel and spray Vibrocil.


As indicated in the instructions Vibrocil used for the symptomatic treatment of respiratory diseases, chronic, acute, allergic, vasomotor rhinitis, polisinusite, chronic sinusitis, acute.

Positive reviews about Vibrotsile those applied to the diagnosis, treatment procedures, operations in the nasal cavity.

The drug is effective for the removal of edema after surgery in the nasal cavity.

Instructions for use Vibrocil

Vibrocil drops for children over 6 liters. and adults appoint 3-4kap. 3-4 times / sec. in each nostril. Babies under one year dropped 1kap. into each nostril as three or four p / sec .; from 1g. up to 6L. - 1-2kap. 3-4 times / sec.

 Vibrocil gel
 Used and gel Vibrocil for children over 6 l., Adult. Put it this way: a small number of lay 3-4 times / sec. deep into each nostril.

Spray Vibrocil also prescribed only to children older than 6 l., Adult. Dosing instructions for Vibrocil 3-4 times / sec. squirt in each nostril Vibrocil - once or twice. At the same time the head should be in the upright position, the tip of the bottle - also after the introduction of the spray need to take a breath.

The average course of treatment according to the instructions Vibrocil - week.

side effects

The negative effects after using the spray Vibrocil, drops and gel are rare, but can occur dryness, burning sensation in the nose.


Vibrocil drops and other dosage forms funds are not prescribed for atrophic rhinitis, along with drugs, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (only two weeks after their application), in the presence of patient sensitivity to the agent.

Prohibited Vibrocil for children up to 6 years (in the form of a spray, gel).

Not recommended for pregnant women prescribed the drug during lactation.

Be wary appoint Vibrocil patients who are treated with tricyclic antidepressants, antihypertensives group of beta-adrenergic blockers.

No reviews on Vibrotsile indicating the grave consequences of the use of child drug inside.

If overdose can occur abdominal pain, fatigue, hypertension, sleep disturbances, agitation, pale skin, mucous membranes. Treatment of overdose symptomatic - appoint sorbents, laxative and drink plenty of liquids.