Drops Vetoron
 Vetoron - a drug which includes a complex of vitamins (multivitamin). Suitable Vetoron for prophylaxis and treatment in case of deficiency of vitamins in the body, as well as in the treatment of certain diseases.

Pharmacological action Vetoron

According to the instructions Vetoron, the basic properties of the drug are as follows:

  • Antioxidant;
  • Radioprotective (antitoxic).

These features provide the ability to bind the active oxygen and protect the cellular structures of the human body from destruction by free radicals. According to the reviews of Vetoron, the use of the drug increases the defenses of the human body and resistance to stress.

Beta-carotene, by converting to vitamin A, actively contributes to the normalization of metabolism of the human body, thereby improving function of amplified growth and tissue regeneration.

Beta-carotene and vitamin E, are part of Vetoron drops according to the instructions to the drug, together have a more effective action than separately, as they are synergists.

Drops Vetoron for medical reviews has the following pharmacological actions:

  • Antioxidant;
  • Immunomodeliruyuschee;
  • The anti-inflammatory;
  • Radioprotection;
  • Adaptogenic.

As we know from reviews Vetoron, use of this drug reduces the free radicals in the body and protects the structure of the cells from destruction and inhibits lipid peroxidation.

The advantage of drop Vetoron reviews of physicians and scientists is that the means consist of natural components and is made in an optimal form for assimilation. Since beta-carotene - a fat-soluble substance in the body it is absorbed much worse than water-soluble substances.

Previously, you had to enter into the diet of a large amount of fat to get the right amount of beta-carotene. Now, thanks to Vetoron, there is no need to enter into the body of harmful and unwanted fat because Vetoron supplies the body, beta-carotene in water-soluble form. Beta-carotene, in the form of droplets Vetoron easily dissolved and several times better absorbed than the form of an oil.

Product form

Vetoron produced in the form of droplets, convenient dropper vials with 20 ml make it easy to take the drug. Each vial-dropper is packed in individual cardboard box.

Composition 1 ml drops Vetoron:

  • Vitamin E - 8 mg;
  • Beta-carotene (provitamin A) - 20 mg.


 Vetoron - preparation having immunomodulatory effects
 Prophylactically for all age groups, drops Vetoron of instructions can be applied in the following cases:

  • The lack of vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E;
  • If the adverse effects of harmful environmental factors (environmental atmosphere, electromagnetic radiation, toxic chemicals and pollution etc.).
  • During seasonal infections and during a flu epidemic;
  • With intense physical exertion;
  • Hazardous working conditions (constant presence of noise, poisons, smoke, dust, vibration);
  • Nervous exhaustion (permanent negative impact of psychological factors at work and at home);
  • To maintain and strengthen the immune system in children, often ill colds;
  • During the increased load on the eyes, for preventing eye diseases;
  • When degenerative changes in the tissue of the eye, cataract in primary forms;
  • When skin diseases;
  • As a restorative and antioxidant agent in malnutrition and living in unfavorable climate;
  • Along with the complex therapy of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, pneumonia, asthma and other diseases.

Judging by the reviews of Vetoron, doctors often prescribe this agent in the complex treatment of the following diseases:

  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Liver;
  • Gastro-intestinal tract;
  • Kidney;
  • Respiratory;
  • Cancer, the application of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Drops Vetoron according to the instructions recommended in the following cases:

  • Communicable diseases;
  • Immunodeficiency, unspecified;
  • Vitamin A deficiency;
  • Lack of vitamin E;
  • Senile cataracts;
  • Other cataracts;
  • The disorder of unspecified;
  • Dermatitis, unspecified;
  • Prophylactic immunotherapy;
  • The period of convalescence.

The use according to the reviews drops Vetoron patients received at medical surveys, provides the following effects on the body:

  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • It normalizes the metabolism;
  • It supports the functional state of the organs of vision;
  • It regenerates damaged mucous membranes, skin;
  • It weakens the influence of harmful environmental factors (chemical and radioactive contamination, electromagnetic radiation);
  • It increases the body's ability to adaptation;
  • Increases resistance to stress;
  • It reduces the risk of the emergence and development of various infectious, oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

Instructions for use drops Vetoron

Drops according to the instructions Vetoron administered orally, only by prescription. This is due to the fact that the concentration drops Vetoron so great that an overdose may cause deterioration of health.

To prevent a drop Vetoron taken 1 time a day after meal, dissolving them in water or any other beverage (non-alcoholic, of course). Adults can take 6 drops in the warm season and 11 drops in the autumn-winter period. Pregnant and lactating women, according to the instructions Vetoron need to drink 8 - 9 and 15 drops in the summer - in the winter.

If the doctor considers it necessary to increase the dosage, and you can take more of the drug. In such cases, the maximum is double the dosage.

In combination therapy, the dosage means comes to 60 droplets two times per day. The treatment in this case is 2 - 4 weeks.

Strongly recommended for the treatment of Vetoron, simultaneous treatment with other medicines multivitamin containing vitamin A.

Side effects from the use of Vetoron

Contraindications drops Vetoron according to the instructions, is individual intolerance of components.

As we learned from reviews Vetoron, in its application may experience allergic reactions, some yellowing of the skin. All these symptoms disappear after canceling or reducing the dose.

These adverse reactions, primarily, are associated with a medication overdose. Often, chasing the speedy effect, people increase the dose multivitamin, hoping to quickly improve their health. Reviews Vetoron patients treated with the drug, according to a guaranteed effect, subject to the period of treatment and a doctor's appointment for a dose administration.