Vertigohel pills
 Vertigohel - homeopathic remedy acts on the nervous system.

Pharmacological action

Vertigohel due to forming part of the active substance is a vasodilator, psihotoniziruyuschee action. The drug stimulates the nervous system, the production of adrenaline, affects the brain, spinal cord.

The structure includes Vertigohel Anamirta cocculus - a substance that helps with nausea, motion sickness, caused by disturbances of the vestibular apparatus, tselebralnom sclerosis, depression, mood disorders, neurological disorders, dizziness; Conium - helps with depression, cerebral sclerosis; Ambra - shown at nevrnom and psycho-emotional exhaustion, disorders of the autonomic system, depression, premature aging, sclerosis tselebralnom; Petroleum rectificatum struggling with dizziness, inflammatory bowel disease, disorders of the vestibular apparatus.

Product form

Producing Vertigohel pills, drops for oral administration.


According to the instructions Vertigohel prescribed for motion sickness, dizziness, vascular and neurogenic origin.

There are positive reviews of Vertigohel used when states after concussion, traumatic brain injury.

Instructions for use Vertigohelya

 Vertigohel drops
 Tablets Vertigohel usually take 1st thing sublingual three p / day. If you need to remove the sudden acute attacks of vertigo and nausea, resolving one tablet every 15 min., But not more than two hours. Treatment usually lasts two to three weeks.

For the treatment and prevention of attacks of dizziness when traveling in public transport Take the 1st tablet Vertigohel every 15min. one hour before the trip and during it.

Drops according to the instructions apply Vertigohel 2-3 p / day orally dissolving them in water (about a teaspoon) or sublingually, dripped under the tongue. Take the drops half an hour before, or c / o hour after eating. Treatment usually lasts 3-6nedel. A single adult dose - 10kap.

side effects

No reviews on Vertigohel indicating the occurrence of adverse reactions after treatment


Vertigohel tablets and drops are not administered in the presence of patient sensitivity to the constituents of the funds during pregnancy, lactation.

Drops Vertigohel due alcohol present in the composition are counter with alcoholism, liver. They do not prescribe children under 12 liters.

Tablets Vertigohel not indicated for children under 4 years of age, as there is no sufficient data indicating the safety of their use in pediatrics.