Verapamil - a drug that lowers blood pressure.

 Verapamil 240mg

Pharmacological action

Verapamil dilates blood vessels, reduces the tonus of the heart muscle wall, it reduces oxygen demand, which leads to its antiarrhythmic, antianginal effect.

Product form

Verapamil release tablets, dragees, capsules, solution.

Indications for use Verapamil

The drug will appoint at a stable vasospastic, stable angina and without vasospasm angina pectoris, tachycardia, atrial tachyarrhythmia.

In addition, the indications for verapamil are atrial flutter, hypertension, hypertensive crisis, atrial beats.

Instructions Verapamil: how to use

Verapamil tablets taken three p / day of 40-80mg.

In hypertension drug take two rows / day, with the daily dosage not more than 480mg.

Children with hypertension give 10mg per kilogram of child's weight per day. Children up to two years with supraventricular arrhythmias give medication 2-3 p / day 20mg.

The maximum permitted daily dose of the drug for children up to 5 liters - 40-60mg for children 6-14l - 80-360mg that take 3-4 hours.

Capsules, pills and tablets are taking, without chewing or dissolving, immediately after eating or before eating.

Verapamil solution according to the instructions for hypertensive crisis, and for the treatment of paroxysmal rhythm abnormalities administered intravenously jet - 5-10mg. If there is no effect, the drug is administered again after 20-30min.

Disposable dosing solution for babies - 0 75-2mg when administered intravenously; Children 1-5l - 2-3mg, 6-14l - 2, 5-3, 5 mg.  Tablets 40 mg verapamil

To stop a hypertensive crisis children administered intravenous drip solution, 0, 05-0, 1 mg per kilogram body weight of the child. The daily dosage should not exceed 1, 5 mg per kilogram.

In severe hepatic impairment should not be administered in a dosage of verapamil over 120mg / day.

side effects

Verapamil may cause bradycardia, excessive reduction of pressure, tachycardia, dizziness, fainting, confusion, depression, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, gingival hyperplasia, constipation, increased activity of liver enzymes, itching, redness, rashes, weight gain, gynecomastia, arthritis, galaktoreyu , gynecomastia, thrombocytopenia, edema of the lungs.

When using Verapamil in excessive dosage occur bradycardia, shock, asystole, the blockade SA, greatly reduced pressure. Eliminates the effects of overdose gastric lavage, the use of activated carbon. If you violate conductivity and rhythm disturbances injected atropine, norepinephrine, isoprenaline, calcium gluconate.

Contraindications Verapamil

Verapamil for instructions contraindicated in severe hypotension, hypersensitivity, AV blockade second and third degree, sick sinus syndrome, breastfeeding.

Verapamil is contraindicated during pregnancy, but in exceptional cases it is prescribed. Most often, verapamil during pregnancy used at the same time Ginipralom.

Be wary prescribers with bradycardia, severe aortic stenosis mouths, AV blockade of the first degree, chronic heart failure, moderate or mild hypotension, myocardial infarction, renal or hepatic insufficiency, elderly patients, children up to 18L.